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The book contains 240 pages rich with philosophical and practical knowledge.

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Through the knowledge encoded in the 72 Names, you will learn how to heal and empower yourself, to expand your awareness and adopt new attitudes that will help you to attract more abundance into your life, to remove obstacles, solve problems, and to fulfill yourself in your unique way.

"When the internal change reaches a critical point, and all the channels are ready, a miracle takes place which we perceive as a surprising and unexpected event."

"Combative and hostile environment is a result of internal unrest, self-aggression and crushing self-criticism that exist within each one of us."

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72 Sessions
with the Soul

for spiritual practice and personal rectification
through the wisdom of the Kabbalah

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This book can actually change your life!

Here you are given powerful "Remedies for the Soul" - 72 sacred letter combinations that have generated one of the greatest miracles in human history - the splitting of the Red Sea.

You will learn how to utilize their immense powers to heal and transform yourself.

The book will connect you with your soul through 72 sessions in which you will gain insights and wider perspective into a broad range of issues in your life.

The 72 teachings that were written over a number of years, are based on the profound qualities of the Kabbalistic 72 Names of God.

The mighty powers of these sacred names relate to the personal lives of each of us.

The teachings in the book cover all the topics related to human life through the content encoded in the 72 Names.

By utilizing their powerful energetic vibrations, you can heal yourself, solve recurring problematic issues, and draw more of the Divine light – the infinite abundance which is available to each one of us.

You will also learn about some of the basic concepts of Kabbalah and the structure of Creation, and discover cosmic principles that govern the path of a human living in the earthly dimension, from the Kabbalistic perspective.
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Here you are given the opportunity to connect to your higher consciousness. It will awaken in you a clear understanding of your life events, and provide you comfort and hope.

Each article in the book will provide you with useful and practical advice to help you enlighten your thinking patterns and develop a healthier approach to life.

Do not read all the articles in sequence!

The purpose of the book is to bring you together each time, with a different aspect of your life that requires rethinking and rectification.

Each time you open the book, you will have to read only one teaching that is relevant to you at that particular moment.

The sacred letter combinations are inscribed in body and mind through short and focused visualization and meditation techniques.

A consistent work done over time gradually changes you from within and creates a new reality in your life.

Readers' Reviews:

A wonderful book full of insights. I strongly recommend to enjoy the messages.
[Shulamit Ronen]

A brilliant book to work on myself came to me. Author Orna Ben-Shoshan wrote this book - "72 Sessions with Soul". The book is brilliant. It helps work with the shadow, or dark side of your nature. Every aspect of God's Name describes aspects that need to be changed or simply improved. Behind every text there is a reference to '72 names'. I calm those who do not have the cards - they are useful, but they are not necessary for this book. For this simple reason, the book has a black and white photo of the card and its description. Working with the book help change yourself and your reality for the better.
Izabela Gruchalska - Tajemnice ścieżek - Tarota, Kabbalah, Aniołów i innych]


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You can get all the support and direction you need at any given moment.

- Do you have persistent, recurring problems?

- Do you tend to addictions, anger, fears, worry or depression?

- Do you suffer from low self-esteem?

- Is it difficult for you to make decisions or complete tasks?

- Do you experience difficulties in earning a living?

- Do you suffer from health problems?

- Do you experience difficulties in your relationships?

- Are you attacked by external negative energies?

- Do you feel dissatisfaction or loss of taste for life?

- Does your belief system block you?

Set a meeting with your soul, and help will be directed to you through 72 wonderful channels.

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"When we give out of pure desire to spread abundance, and do it without expecting immediate gratification, we do ourselves a great service..."

"When we tell the truth and express ourselves sincerely - we put ourselves out into the light, we validate our authentic self, our inner truth, and thus make it easier for others to open up to us."

Readers' Reviews: 

One of the best and most powerful books there is! I bought it in combination  with the cards. Instant insights. Thank you Dear Orna
[Orit Ohana]

The book is simply wonderful!!! Pure spiritual pleasure of deep and intelligent insights, as only this special and powerful woman, Orna Ben Shushan, is able to compose. Existential universal messages in a language simple and clear to anyone. Highly recommended! 
[Orit Martin]


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