Life and death are in the power of the tongue
(especially in close relationships):

So much information is released from the mouth outwards, words of love and praise, cheer, encouragement and reinforcement, but also gossip, slander, reproach or abuse.

Good communication can provide comfort, intimacy, empowerment and support, but in the negative sense, might deteriorate any relationship to its lowest level.

This does not only relate to relations between lovers, but to any relationship you have with people close to you, family, friends, co-workers - all of them!

Sometimes it is simply better to remain silent - every unnecessary word will be harmful. The other person has learned his lesson and any inadequate talk about a painful event will just remind him of his failure again and again.

Sometimes it is better to remain silent and not to reveal unnecessary information ahead of its time, or try to cover up over a long lost situation.

Sometimes, imbalanced forces between two people will be problematic:
one side has a considerable verbal advantage and stunning persuasive power over the other. He can achieve all his desires by using the right words, and conducts a powerful “PR” for himself and his needs. The intensity of his inducements may be so great that it would leave the other person “speechless”.

Card No. 53 of the “Alphabet for Lovers”deck (referring to the Hebrew letter Peh -פ ) talks about everything related to expression, speech, and especially unnecessary chatter.

Heart 53The “advice” section in the booklet says:  Use your wisdom to know when to speak and when not to say anything. It is recommended to keep important information to yourself, and not to recklessly expose ideas and plans that have not yet materialized. We must be aware that the careless use of words may be destructive and lead to loss.

The "Alphabet for Lovers" offer much more than love and relationships advice – they are also dealing with human relations in general. All sorts of human interactions can be analyzed, professional contacts, relationships with friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances. Working with the "Alphabet Lovers" shall give you advice and prediction according to the secrets of the Kabbalah.

The detailed answers in the booklet were written by knowledge of the 22 Hebrew letters. These sacred “signs” are the primal forces that affect the conduct of the universe and its structure, and constitute the cosmic DNA.
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The “Alphabet for Lovers” is one of the most trusted tools used consultants and personal trainers around the world!

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