The next step on the road to redemption

Dear Friends -

We all feel very tangibly the intense events that are happening right now, towards the embarkment of humanity into the new dimension.
The great shift takes place on the spiritual level, but on the physical level many of us experience pain, fear, restriction, confusion and quite a bit of frustration.

In order to relax and regain the sense of security and stability, we must remember that the strain we experience right now hurts us only in the physical level, but does not harm the root of our eternal soul.

This is the final stretch in the process of great change, and we can make tangible rectification here, in the material dimension in order to accelerate our redemption.
It is time to rectify the garments of the soul, and generate change from the outside inwards.
And why?

The outer garments of the body, mind and spirit, may create an atmosphere of pain and anguish around us.
All the mistakes we made in life, the blows we absorbed, formed spiritual contamination in the mind and spirit, like a garment worn a long time ago, which accumulated dirt and negative energies.

Murky residues can put us on a path of bitterness, criticism, and severe judgment, which perpetuate the torments and give them power.
As it is necessary to wash a clothing that has become soiled, we need to take care of the garments of the soul in the physical and visible dimension of our lives, and close unresolved issues with the people who have been hurt by us, or forgive ourselves for the cases we have hurt ourselves out of self-punishment.

Massive cleansing will correct the harsh feelings that have accumulated in us over the years and the incarnations, and prepare us for an easy transition to a brighter reality.

According to the Kabbalah, refining the vessels helps to ease the decrees and difficulties.
We can carry out the cleaning process from the outside to within, right now and in the most practical way.
To purify the vessel and allow ourselves to absorb stronger lights that will elevate us spiritually and alleviate our distress.

Therefore, during this period it is desirable to give praise and encouragement, to support others, whose life is not easy at the moment, to create open and healthy communication, and to give another opportunity to ourselves and others.

We must remember that everything that has happened in our lives so far has been essential to our learning and growth.
Mem Vav Mem
The letter combination Mem-Vav-Mem (מ.ו.ם) from the 72 Names of God helps in spiritual purification.

** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life.
It actually creates healing and transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday reality.

** The full list of interpretations for the "72 Names of God" and their Divine qualities is available for anyone interested.
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Card No. 72 of the 72 Name cards advises to lower the criticism and forgive faults of the past, to ease our pain and give ourselves a new opportunity for growth.
card 72 on set Eng Sm
The 72 Names cards will help you connect with your inner wisdom and retrieve the relevant knowledge you need to resolve any challenging issue in your life.
The 72 Names cards are based on the sacred “72 Names of God”.

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The 72 Names cards are based on the sacred “72 Names of God”:



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