Three letters that will help you with spring cleaning

If we could only take a picture of a room or any other space contaminated with polluted energies, we would be terrified of what we would see.

Spiritual contamination - like earthly muck, is a dense, thick layer of filth that covers everything, penetrates all the cracks and holes, and cause damage.

How does such pollution formed in our lives?

Without noticing it, we are exposed most of the time, to negative thoughts and energies coming to us from the near and far.
These energies are not necessarily directed at us in order to harm us, they are a byproduct of what people around us feel, think or intend to do.

Life circumstances make many of us occupied with negativity, evil, hatred, criticism, frustration and anger, and we simply project them outwards.

The result is a "polluted" environment, filled with energetic waste that affects us and literally contaminates us mentally and emotionally.

Have you ever been in a room with a group of people who are in conflict, yelling and blaming each other?

Or - in a room where grief and sorrow overwhelm everything?

And also - how do you feel after watching the newscast, in which the media makes sure to load you with stories of disasters, corruption, omissions and all the rest?

If we stay in such environment for a long time, the harsh energies can draw a heavy price from us.
They penetrate through the aura into the body and throw us out of balance.
Causing stress, infecting us with anger, fear, aggression and sorrow.

The imbalance causes illness, hardship, trouble, and as the Kabbalah calls them: "Dinim” (harsh verdicts).

- Sometimes, a single ray of light is sufficient to remove darkness;
Caf He Tav Sm Eng

This is the letter combination Caf-He-Tav (כ.ה.ת) from the “72 Names of God”, which will help purify spiritual filth from your surroundings:

This sacred name cleanses the atmosphere of the negative energies and tensions that have accumulated there, purifies us of all the dirt that has stuck to us, and helps us to relax and re-balance.

When we are pure, calm and balanced, a space will open within us to absorb enlightened energies that will heal and bring us to better places.

Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, and the changes are manifested in your everyday life.

Keep this letter combination in your mind for a few days. It is also advised to draw this letter combination directly on the skin, on the inner side of your left wrist.

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