Is there another life path parallel to our present life circumstances?
Message for the week by the “72 Names” cards:

Do you also ask yourself what would happen if ...
If I had been born to other parents, in another country,
decided to learn the profession I loved, but gave up on it,
If I only did not abandon the relationship that I thought was the love of my life,
if I only accepted that job opportunity ...

Indeed, the soul has chosen our life path for us even before we were born, but we were also granted with free choice in the numerous intersections, and our life in the material world can be conducted in several different paths – different realities.

All these alternative pathways (which we decided not to take), still exist as unrealized potential aside the track that we chose to take:
they exist simultaneously parallel to the circumstances that we led ourselves into - just like if we choose to watch on TV Channel 66, but the broadcast on Channel 42, which we are not watching at the moment, is still going on.

Entering into a dimension of certain experiences in our lives happens at intersections where we make decisions. Every decision, even the smallest, will lead us to a corollary reality.

All this sounds scary and fatal for many of us: how can we choose a track that will bring the most beneficial results to our lives? We're not able to see the future consequences of any decisions we make today ...

The factor that guides us in making decisions that will enrich our lives and give us the most significant experiences for our spiritual evolution, is the higher-self, the divine part present in all of us. This is the most reliable guide we can turn to, which directs us to the decision that is most valuable for us.
That means - rely on your inner wisdom and trust in what your emotion tells us about the matter.

card 71
Card No. 71 of the "72 Names cards" refers to the letter combination He-Yod-Yod (ה.י.י) of the “72 Names of God”. This card tells you that you are facing a period of positive changes, your creative drive ascends and you can fulfill your plans and ideas in reality. Thanks to previous decisions made, you are riding the right track for you, abundance is projected toward you and its brilliant rays enrich your life.

** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

** Meditation and visualization with the letter combination He-Yod-Yod (ה.י.י) and inscribing it in the mind, body and soul will help you develop prophetic ability and foresight to observe parallel realities and identify opportunities for growth, by increasing your consciousness levels. This name gives power to the fulfillment of prophecies, realization into practice, and entering into a parallel realm of fertility, abundance and light.

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