Overcoming the dictator within

Many spiritual teachers, both in Judaism and in other religions, claim that the ego is what keeps us away from our higher spiritual selves and from the fulfillment of our purpose in life.

Is this completely true?
Do we have to give up the ego?
Is this even possible?

Our ego is essential for our existence:
it protects the body and mind and makes sure that we get what we need for survival.
It anchors us here in material life.
It helps us get up in the morning, get organized and go to work, maintain our livelihood and health, protect ourselves, and through the ego, we learn to define ourselves at the level of emotions and thoughts.
The ego cannot be ignored or dismissed.

At the same time - the ego may imprison us in the material dimension and does not allow us to rise above it.
When we remain locked in the limited perception of the ego, we disconnect from the voice of the soul and the channels of abundance that connect us to the spiritual worlds, and then - we may suffer from confinement and reduction.

The ego has many guises and is expressed in almost every area of our lives.
In fact - the ego may enslave us and make us unconscious.

When we are angry, jealous, hating, offended, depressed or resentful, we allow the ego to lead us to dark places where we may be harmed.
The ego is the one that causes us to be in constant competition, in a mad race after achieving recognition and admiration, to prove superiority, to be critical and judgmental.
It is the voice who tells us that we have not done enough, that we are not worthy, and pushes us to self-exhaustion driven by the urge to prove our superiority.

Many of the behaviors that arise from the ego cause us pain, and this pain can be healed by changing consciousness.
The letter combination Lamed-Aleph-Vav (ל.א.ו) and from the 72 Names of God helps us to free ourselves from the shackles of the ego by shifting our thought patterns. (Undergoing transformation).
Lamed Aleph Vav 17 Sm
When we come to know what the ego is doing to us, we can weaken its power (not eliminate it...) and free ourselves from all the burden it puts on us.
Once we recognize our ego in action and curb it, we will feel free to be who we really are:
unique souls, bound in an eternal bond to the Higher Light.

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