Let's make a deep diagnosis of your current situation.

Most of us feel stuck in certain areas of our lives, things do not flow as we expect.

What might be blocking you?

What do you need in order to move forward to remove suspensions, heal yourself and attract abundance to your life?

The “72 names of God” are powerful spiritual tools for creating positive transformation, healing, and open the channels to attract Divine abundance.

- Any letter combination you choose will provide you with the energetic frequency you need to release something that blocks you, and empower a certain area in your life.

- By choosing a letter combination intuitively, you can also gain insight into what is going on inside you, which generate the blockage that interferes with fulfilling your purpose.

Ready to try?

Choose one letter combination from the image below and find your insights at the bottom of this article.

Meditation and visualization with your chosen letter combination – your remedy - and inscribing it in your body and mind will help you cope with the situation.

Guidance Board F Eng Sm Select one letter combination out of the 6 appearing in the table, and write it down in front of you.

The 72 Names of God are considered as “remedies for the soul” which can help[ you grow, heal, strengthen, change your attitudes about life events, and open blockages that stand between us and the fulfillment of our aspirations.

Why do we need the “72 Names of God”?

Our journey on the earthly plane is an a rough experience ...
Life in a human body requires mental strength, courage and resilience, as we are facing challenges on a daily basis.
We all need healing along the way, and loving angels that will ease the journey, nourish us and accelerate our amendment process.

The “72 names of God” are wonderful channels that connect us to the Supreme light - the source of all abundance.
They provide us with all the spiritual vibrations we need at any given moment.
Each of these letter combinations conveys a unique attribute for a specific purpose, and connects us to the source of power through which we gain the ability to control every aspect of our lives, turn difficulty into opportunity and get the best for our highest good.

* when choosing a letter combination intuitively
, we put the intellect and judgement aside, and let the soul lead:
Intuitive selection is done when a particular letter combination catches your attention for no apparent reason, (as if it jumps in front of the eyes).

tavla 72namesWithNumbers Sm
Your chosen letter combination should be utilized by inscribing it in the mind and body for several days.

There are various meditation techniques, visualization and integration of these blessed letter combinations in your energy field.
One of the techniques listed in my blog article The divine gift to mankind - The 72 keys to heavenly abundance in this blog. 

Other techniques you will find in the following video presentations:
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM6w-HFmLZE&t=6s

The importance of human closeness and how we can enhance it in our lives - Kabbalah teaching and guided meditation:

The full list of the "72 Names of God" and their meanings – is available for anyone interested.
To receive it, please go into this page: http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/request-72-names and leave your name and email address, and I will send it to you with love.

In my new book “
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And here are the meanings of the letter combinations and the remedies for your blockages:

16 - Blockage: A crisis you went through has weakened and exhausted you. You may suffer low resilience, depression and pessimism.
A feeling that the universe was cruel to you, and that you were a victim of life. Loss of joy, sinking into misery and inability to see the positive side of life.
All these formed screens around you that do not allow light and abundance to enter your life.

The remedy:
Meditation with the letter combination He-Kof-Mem (הקם) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help you get out of depression.
This sacred name gives endurance when the path seems unbearable. It protects against bitterness, mental illness, helplessness, fears and guilt feelings.
Encourages optimism and new beginnings, gives the emotional strength to stand firm on your feet after falls.

הקם reminds us not to be tempted to sink into misery, and that our true greatness is reflected by our ability to revive ourselves, which creates spiritual light in the world.

27 - Blockage: Taking to yourself only, out of selfish motives, desire to keep as much resources as possible (materially) and unwillingness to share or benefit others, possessiveness, lack of giving, and material or spiritual stinginess.
These are some of the reasons for cutting off abundance and a sense of poverty and deficiency.
The remedy:
Meditation with the letter combination Yod-Resh-Tav (ירת) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help you cultivate your channel to the flow abundance through giving and charity, and to gain success and material wealth.
This partnership with the cosmic abundance will give you the spiritual tools to choose between good and evil, to remove harmful forces from your path and grant you blessing and protection.

30 - Blockage: ongoing conflict with a particular person, severing the relationship. Inability to forgive an injustice done to you because of pride and stubbornness, lack of energy, time or motivation to renew the relationship and reconcile. This may cause social or family isolation, grief and distress, a hole in the soul, a blockage that damages your sense of wholeness.
The remedy:
Meditation with the letter combination Aleph-Vav-Mem (אום) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help join of hearts and build bridges.
This letter combination will help you love your partners, express compassion, cultivate friendships, reach out to people you are conflicted with, and nurture family ties.
אום will help you forgive your enemies and achieve spiritual perfection.
With rapprochement and compassion, bridges will be built for you to the higher worlds, and to the source of joy and satisfaction.

44 - Blockage: Difficulties, delays, disruptions, decrees - some result in your own actions, and others are the result of external forces:
Examine your conduct: unfair acts and focusing on negative and marginal issues, harm to another person, anger, jealousy, criticism or greed may cause misfortune.
Do you act ostentatiously, brag about your accomplishments, and thus elicit the jealousy of others?
The remedy:
Meditation with the letter combination Yod-Lamed-He (ילה) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help to sweeten decrees.
ילה will help prevent a difficult fate, ease or alleviate the severity of the Day of Judgment, if there is sincere regret in our hearts.
It will smooth out arguments and help with legal problems. Will help to dispense resentment and judgment towards others and encourage unconditional kindness, compassion and tolerance.

46 - Blockage: loss of faith in your path, despair, a feeling that things are beyond your control, a sense of helplessness, that there is no guiding hand in the world.
The difficulties and delays cause frustration and you are in doubt about your direction and the choices you made.
The remedy:
Meditation with the letter combination Ayin-Resh-Yod (ערי) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help you to achieve absolute certainty that you receive everything you need for your spiritual growth.
ערי Will strengthen your faith, help you see things beyond doubt, to recognize that under all the difficulties there is a spiritual plan, and thus to release your guilt feelings.

55 - Blockage: A feeling that you cannot materialize your plans and desires, loss of enthusiasm and inspiration, fear of failure, fatigue and lack of motivation. Sinking into bitterness because you feel as if you are stepping in a place without progress.
The Remedy:
Meditation with the letter combination Mem-Bet-He (מבה) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help you put your plans into practice:
If you got stuck in the middle of a process that you started because of fears or loss of enthusiasm, and it's hard for you to complete your mission, this sacred name will help you realize your plans and ideas and bring them to completion, to unite between spirit and matter to increase your enthusiasm, and overcome your doubts and fears.
מבה encourages creativity, momentum, commitment, and willingness to take risks.


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