Is it only me who creates my own reality,
or does the environment control my life? 

Message for the week by the “72 Names” cards:

Sometimes, our lives go through "black holes", those terrible times when luck seems cruel to us. Our environment does not tee with us, as difficulties and challenges are stacking on our way, and we sink into energy of fear, negative emotions, anger, sadness and despair.
We are told that everything depends on us, and we are the sole creators of our realities. But frankly ... Who would consciously choose to go through black holes and suffer through dark periods?

Well - the reality happening around us is very concrete ... we do not fantasize or imagine it, and it’s not some type of delusional hologram, but real material environment to which we were born. When balance is disturbed in our immediate setting, it created severe circumstances that shatter us.

Our life conditions were indeed predetermined by the soul before we were incarnated, to reflect to us clearly what is right and what is destructive for us, what kind of people we'd prefer to share our lives with, and the stage on which our amendment process will take place. This is where we experience our learning process on the material level.

Do we still have a freedom of choice?
As we have chosen to incarnate here into a certain environment at a certain period in history, so we have a freedom of choice within the circumstances created by our soul: how would we react to the external conditions.
We can sink into bitterness and anger, or see the circumstances as factors that will push us to find the core of our inner strength and create change.

card 8 Sm
Card No. 8 of the “72 Names Cards” refers to the letter combination Caf-He-Tav (כ.ה.ת) of the “72 Names of God” and talks about commutation of laws.
We can control the so-called "doom" mentally and emotionally, by choosing our reaction to the circumstances. The card advises to move forward in life without looking back, and accept the temporary misery as part of our growth (and not deny it). During dark times, seek the company of joyful and welcoming people, to maintain your optimism and sanity.

If you are going through such period now, you will soon regain your peace of mind and be able to function effectively and move your life forward.
** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

** Meditating with the letter combination Caf-He-Tav (כ.ה.ת) and inscribing it in your mind and body will Help in eliminating and neutralizing negative energies resulting from stress, or from people or places that radiate darkness and hatred. כ.ה.ת helps get rid of sadness, depression, hatred, fear and misery. It balances the energy surrounding the body, promotes tranquility and relaxation, eases frustration, calms aggression, worries and outbursts of anger, and helps to clear the space for positive energy.

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