Pick Three cards and get a personal message from the Success oracle cards!
Your answer will reveal itself through 3 messages:

This colorful set contains 60 message cards that will provide guidance and prediction to your questions from all walks of life.

Each answer consists of 3 messages that join together for a clear story.

Through the three messages you will receive, you will gain insights into the various aspects relating to the subject in question.

This way, you will get you all the information you need in full detail.

Think of your question, pick three cards and write their numbers in front of you from left to right.
All 3 cards consist of your complete answer.

- To stay focused and get a clear understanding of your answer, it is recommended to copy the three messages you picked and contemplate on the story.

* Scroll down to the bottom of the article to read your answers.
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The answers below are part of an innovative set of cards that you can download and print on your own.

"Success oracle cards" are titled by this name because of their accuracy and relevance.

If you clearly understand the story they are telling you, and follow the direction they provide, you will be able to progress successfully to your goal.

This original set of 60 mini cards contain messages concerning your personal, career, social, relationships and financial issues.
They will give you accurate and reliable advice right when you need it.

The figures portrayed on the cards are actually members of my group of souls, with whom I have undergone many incarnations.
Together, we engage in research and study that involves consciousness expansion and strive to support anyone who wishes to attain an overall view and insight into his or her life.

What you get:
Downloadable 6 pages of High Resolution (300 dpi on A4 - 8.5"x11" page size) PDF File that enables you to print as many copies as you want.
Each mini card is 5x9 cm 2”x3.5”) business card size.
You can re-size the printable sheets to enlarge the the cards.
File size: 4MB
The PDF document contains explanation about the cards as well as suggestions for preparation.
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** Go to: http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/digital-items 
where you can purchase the digital PDF file and print your own deck of cards.

So – which cards did you pick?
Here are the answers:

45 - Difficulties, challenges and tensions in the family domain. It is time to set limits and even play the role of the villain to avoid over dependence or exploitation by relatives.

39 - Why travel a long way to get something that exists right near you? Stay in your familiar zone.
What you're interested in is just around the corner.

12 - Breach of trust, betrayal, unfair conduct ... Your self-confidence goes through a significant test.

23 - Success and abundance in the personal, material or spiritual spheres.
Many people will share your happiness. It's time to organize a large party.

57 - A nasty attitude or anger directed at you from another person indicates a problem that exists in him. Do not take things personally.

36 - A wise guide has come into your life to show you the way. Follow the good advice given to you, or apply an significant lesson/skill you have learned recently. An important test or a job interview will produce good results.

5 - An old promise that has not yet been fulfilled, a vow that you have made, a financial or moral debt, or an unfinished issue put a barrier in your progress. It is essential to end unresolved issues properly to allow a new and successful cycle to open up in your life.

17 - A sense of alienation and incompatibility in a new environment or in a connection with someone who has not yet learned to know you in depth. Despite the harsh feelings, you are protected and welcome. Soon everyone will be able to see the light shining from you.

58  - A surprising discovery of facts that were hidden from you brings to disillusionment. The truth is exposed to light.

41 - Things are simpler than they seem. There is no need to dig and search for mysterious factors that do not exist.

28 - Good energies surround you, the door is open for abundance and joy. Any decision you make now will lead to good results.

33 - The cycle closes in a positive way, all ends are successfully tied, creative solutions have been found for all the challenges. Satisfaction with the results. You earned it with respect.

Be Blessed!

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