When a relationship becomes a barrel of explosives ...
A great opportunity to restart from a clear page

Most of you have probably experienced crises in your relationships, whether it is a romantic one, or close connection with friends, partners, or family.
A crises in which all the negative and painful elements in the relationship emerge to the surface, and the atmosphere becomes murky.
In such circumstances, it is very easy for us to sink deep into our ego, to pull out all our manipulations, to make unreasonable demands from our partner, and to behave in a despicable and stubborn way in order to maintain our power advantage.
We dive into pettiness and materialism and cannot see the good of this relationship.
There is no motivation left to invest and give of yourself, or to express your ennobled and generous aspects within the relationship.
When we do not stop ourselves on time – the relationships might deteriorate to the point of painful separation.

What role do close relationships fulfill in our lives?
It may sound strange to you - but we choose our partners for the journey before we come into this world ...
Our soul, which knows what it needs for learning and development, writes our life script for the next incarnation even before it descends here and is embodied in a physical body.
This scenario includes the social / family / marital atmosphere that will give us the greatest opportunities for our spiritual growth.

Our close relationships are the stage on which the most intensive lessons are learned in this life.
They drive us to express every attribute we have - the good and loving qualities, as well as the harsh and selfish ones.
At certain times throughout our relationships, it is necessary to "clear the garbage", release toxins and clean the surface of the frustrations and resentment accumulated in them, and restart the system from a clear page.
This is how crises is formed in the relationship, which we must recognize as an opportunity to rediscover the noble sides of us and our partner, to appreciate the great contribution of this relationship to our spiritual growth, even if at the moment it is difficult to see it on the surface.
card 27 on set Eng Sm
Card No. 27 of the Alphabet of Lovers cards is talking about exactly this subject.
When we are denied the opportunity to express our kindness and generosity, we move away from our enlightened and noble aspects.
A relationship in which giving and generosity are nonexistent, would eventually be destroyed.

If we act consciously in times of crisis, and implement love, understanding and good will, we can subdue the anger and destructive elements that may lead us to break up the partnership.

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AlphabetSet Eng
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