Do you know the phrase "Hit the ceiling"?

When we are angry, we cannot see clearly through our eyes.
We act on an impulse that seems to be stronger than us, and crush everything that comes our way.
What really happens to us in anger?
We are cut off from all our moral and noble aspects, from the Higher Self, from the inner God that exists within each of us.

* (It is worth reading to the end, because the information presented here concerns everyone, and can open your eyes to critical issues in life).

...In the eyes of kabbala, in anger we are cut off from the Creator's light.
We are in a state of unconsciousness, and all our thoughts are distorted.
Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook said:
"Anger is a poisonous thing, existing in the innermost psyche of the soul just like a false God in a person's body."
(That poison that permeates the soul is compared to idolatry.)
The source of anger according to Rav Kook:
"The foundation of anger comes from the absence in spiritual creation, the gathering of spiritual forces that are about to be manifested in image and with glorious splendor, (anger is) burning the soul and shattering it with inner fanaticism."
According to Rav Cook, the source of anger is lack of spiritual creation, the neglect of the soul and living life without a spiritual backbone - without your internal power.

A person who feels angry, puts himself into self-worship:

All his desires become sacred, and anyone who interferes with their realization is sentenced to a harsh verdict.
Many of our negative traits (virtues) are drained into anger: fear, abandonment, and pride, and even the erroneous belief that the world should be conducted according to our personal worldview.

During anger, a sharp thought erupts from us, like a spear that can injure no less than a physical blow.

Anger can be a very destructive force that destroys human relations, tears families apart, drains our energies, and blinds us, so make mistakes.
The sages associated anger to the idolatry, and observe the attributes of anger with great severity.
According to the Kabbalah, anger is harmful to a person’s livelihood, and when the evil inclination incites the person to be angry, it surely knows that at this time, Supreme Powers want to inspire abundance to that person from above, and the evil inclination wants to spoil it.

- An angry person burns himself in the fire of hell.
According to the Gemara:
If it is decided from above that a certain blessing should descend upon the person, and that person is in anger, the blessing is canceled.
The anger feeds the “Klipot”, the negative forces and the aspects of evil and impurity.
It thickens and seals (the Klipot) and prevents the Divine light from penetrating us.

- According to the ancient sages:
"Anyone who is angry, all kinds of demons rule over him".
"You have nothing to eliminate the adherence to spirituality more than the anger"/
"Every person who is angry, his soul departs from him".
(That person is not dead, but the supreme and noble aspects of his personality become hidden.)
"Remove anger from your heart and eliminate evil from your flesh" (King Solomon said in the Book of Ecclesiastes)
Anger Yelling
The Sages teach us that the root of anger and its inner source in our souls, is the attribute of pride.
** Give it a thought - most of the times that we feel anger, is when our pride is harmed:
Other people did not meet our demands, did not treat us fairly, insulted us, things did not happen as we expected, someone intervened in our process and stopped us, etc.

By his anger, a person evokes harsh verdicts upon himself:
In the important book by Rabbi Natan Sternhartz, (a disciple of the Rabbi from Breslav), it is written that by anger, the great accuser, Eisav, awakens, and from it, many other prosecutors are formed, which surround the angry person and control him.
Because by anger, a person’s wisdom disappears, and the image of God vanishes from his face, and therefore, he does not have a human face anymore, what makes him being controlled by those who hate him.    

The Klipot (shells) that are nourished by anger, erode the spiritual food that the Creator provides to man, and thus, he remains destitute and miserably locked in matter.
When there is absence of spiritual forces - it is reflected as a lack in matter - hence the harm to livelihood due to anger.

"Wrath, anger, and rage are the main infections that are inflicted on a man's wealth." 

- We recognize that the negative attribute of anger is embedded in human nature. We all experience it.
However, if we are aware of the terrible damage that anger causes us personally, we can choose to correct it by meditating with the letter combination Phh-Vav-Yod (פ.ו.י) from the “72 names of God”.

Peh Vav Yod Illustrated Eng Sm
Peh.Vav.Yod (פ.ו.י) – To get rid of anger - Removing hostility which controls the emotions, bringing an end to combat, aggression, hatred, mood swings and disagreements. This name teaches how to control your rage, aggressive behaviors, and eliminate the desire for over-powering and the pursuit of selfish superiority, reputation and wealth (driven by the ego). פ.ו.י will remove bondage to external impressions and bring relaxation, purification and cleansing of the heart.

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