The great empress among the Hebrew letters

It's hard, tight and intense out there.
We all feel the growing pressure towards the sensitive time in summer, the period between 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av, when harsh energies descend onto the world.

I asked the Hebrew letters for advice and support that would help us ease the mental-emotional burden for this time.
The letter that came up in the reading is the letter Hey (ה) which represents abundance, fruitfulness, success without effort, and pleasantness of conduct.
Hey represents the feminine aspect in Creation.

The pronunciation of the letter Hey is effortless.
This teaches that the world was created effortlessly, by God's word and the spirit of his mouth.
The letter Hey is prominent and leading, but also introverted and gentle.
And how accurate it is for this time!
How much we need the feminine energy right now to run the world with grace!

It seems that the male energies that are still ruling the world until the present time have exhausted themselves, after becoming expressions of power, rapacity and aggression.
This is not what we need now, and therefore - as you can see with your own eyes, many systems that were based on male energy are collapsing in on themselves.

Card No. 9 from "Revealed by the Letters" cards lays before us what will help us succeed in the current period:
This is a period of regeneration and birth in which female knowledge and wisdom are being expressed.
We must allow ourselves freedom of action and maneuver without cables and dictates, give expression to our unique personal creativity, and manifest our knowledge in an original way. Achievements will come effortlessly.
card 9
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