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This reading refers to the back side of the Wheel of Wisdom, which gives practical advice. 
Sample reading 6 numbers back Eng Sm The Wheel of Wisdom is a revolutionary tool for guidance and divination, that will provide you with immediate, accurate, focused answers to your questions and concerns from all areas of life.
Here you can experiment and learn what types of answers you can attain from it.
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The Wheel of Wisdom will reveal to you anything you need to know in every critical moment. It is an essential tool for decision-making, advice and prediction.
In a short one-minute reading, without any prior experience, you will get focused and reliable answers to your essential questions, and all this wisdom is at your fingertips.

Watch a video presentation that describes how the Wheel works, and how it can help you:
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The Wheel of Wisdom

**  And here are the Answers:

34. The situation requires you to attain an important insight - don’t act until you’ve seen the entire picture / open yourself up to messages and hints from the outside.

12. Take control into your own hands, don’t wait for anyone else to decide for you / take charge, otherwise nothing will progress / make a bold decision.

23. Check any move that you are about to take carefully, and take the necessary precautions / involve qualified people in your decision, approach or planned actions / make sure you have a full backup plan ahead of time / purchase an insurance policy. 

35. Now is the time to take risks, be audacious and act with courage and confidence without worrying about the consequences. 

7. Give priority to your family and children, pay attention to their needs / give generously and willingly to a family member. 

30. Don’t hesitate to give it all you’ve got, make an extra special effort in order to reach your goal / perseverance and hard work backed by a double helping of faith will bring favorable results.

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