What will help us successfully cope with the burden and difficulty of this worldly life, and even thrive?

In this teaching, you will receive a prescription that will ease the every-day hardship you are experiencing here in the material world, the burden of livelihood, and will open the channels of abundance.

The Kabbalah provides us with many spiritual and practical tools that can help us cope better and succeed in all our day-to-day endeavors.
The spiritual tool I am talking about, are the holy names of the angel Metatron.

Who is the angel Metatron?
He is the chief angel who leads and controls all the armies of angels in the higher worlds.
In Jewish sources he is called the Minister of the Interior, the most senior angel in the world of creation - the origin of all angels.
Metatron is the messenger and delegate of God who is responsible for all of humanity and for many actions that take place in the material world.

Seventy names have been given to him, against the seventy languages in the world.
The names of Metatron are forces that come from the spiritual worlds, and vibrate at high frequencies.
Each name embodies a special power or angel.
Whoever connects to them properly, can touch the upper world and shed many lights on himself.
These are names of divine power that accelerate our spiritual development and change our reality in every area of life.

We learn about the names of Metatron and their meanings in the "Book of Desire".
The Book of Desire - is an ancient Kabbalistic scripture written in the 13th century AD by Rabbi Avraham Abulafia, who was one of the most prominent Kabbalists in the field of ecstatic Kabbalah and prophetic Kabbalah.
Sefer Haheshek spread Sm
The Book of Desire describes many of the traits and functions of the Minister of the Interior, according to the names given to him.
Each of the root names of Metatron has a number of branches - names whose gematric value is equal to the root name, and each branch describes one of the attributes or actions of Metatron.

Let's talk about the 60th name of Metatron, which is Titrasia (טיטרסי"ה).
This root name has five branch names stemming out of it, one of them is Harovetz (הרוב"ץ).

    ** Note that the names of Metatron are written with quote marks ("), so that they are not read as real names.
Every name is considered an angel, or an active force, and if we express or write it without the quotes, it is considered as if we swore an angel by calling his name.
This we must avoid.

The name Harovetz (הרוב"ץ) - helps a person to succeed in his physical actions, and to withstand the burden that the material world places on him.
It alleviates the difficulties of earning a living by activating the private supervision.

And what does that mean?
What can hinder the inspiration of private supervision over man?
And does every person automatically receive help from heaven?

Most humans tend to attribute their material successes to themselves.
A person who lives in the material world, who strives and struggles, and finally achieves, usually attributes his success to his credit, as written in Deuteronomy 8:17:
"My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me."
Many people in our world believe that only thanks to the efforts, they have been able to succeed in livelihood or in any other area of life, without any divine help.

And what's wrong with this approach?
Shouldn't we give ourselves a pat on the back sometimes?
The problem is, that this way of thinking can lead to failure.

When we think and speak this way, we deny the fact that all the abundance in the world actually comes from the Creator.
It’s True, we invested consistent initiative and effort, shed blood, sweat and tears, but without Divine support, our efforts could have ended in failure.
When we attribute our successes only to our credit, our channels of abundance may become blocked.

And why?
Because we must understand that we cannot rely only on our limited powers.
When we do not recognize the divine power that watches over us and supports us at every step, we are, in fact, alone in the battle.
When we feel alone with our struggles, no help will come.
This is not a punishment from heaven, but the fact is, that a supportive force that we do not recognize its existence, simply will not come to our aid, and thus - a blockage in the channels of abundance occurs.

And here comes to our aid the holy name Titrasiah (טיטרסי"ה) and the name that stems of it Harovetz (הרוב"ץ):
It allows us to activate the private providence, the help from heaven, when we experience difficulties in earning a living or in any other material issue.

And how do we implement these names?
Since the right to swear angels by their names is reserved only for experienced Kabbalists, we can turn to the Creator in prayer and ask that He will activate the power of the names of Metatron for our benefit.
Before we mention these holy names in prayer, we must sanctify and purify ourselves.
This can be done through immersion in the mikveh, or cleansing meditation.
After we have cleansed ourselves of all negative thought, selfish desires and impure intention, we recite the prayer in this wording:

"Creator of all that exists, I hereby request that you order the Minister of the Interior Metatron, through his holy name Titrasiah and the name that stems of it Harovettz, to alleviate my burden of earning a living and coping with the hardship of the material world,
to open the channels of abundance for me, for my family members, and for all the people dear to me.
Please entrust us with your private supervision to support all of our daily actions.
I ask that my request will be fulfilled from holiness to holiness, for the sake of your name and for my highest good.
And by the power of the great minister Metatron please do these soon.
Amen. "
And at the end, add - thank you, it's done, it's done, it's done. "

It is recommended to carry this prayer only when you feel exhausted, worn out and truly desperate, and not to escape from coping, or out of a desire to get rich easily (otherwise it just will not work ...)
There are hundreds of names attributed to Metatron that we can implement to help us grow and thrive, and more proven ways to implementing them.

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