Will a penny pincher always stay stingy?

Can we correct our innate nature and character traits?

If we are stingy - can we stop being like that?
And if we have a short fuse?
Or are we lazy and unmotivated?

The scholars of Kabbalah over the ages have emphasized the importance of refinement of character traits as part of our personal rectification process and spiritual development.
But when you learn where we started to develop our character traits, you can learn that it is difficult, almost impossible, to change them:
In fact, the person's personality is already determined at the time of the parents' pairing, at the moment of conception, according to the mood and intent of the parents in the act of love-making.

Our innate character traits accompany us throughout life, and the negative ones might repeatedly trip us again and again into pits that are difficult to get out of ...

So how can our personal traits be rectified anyway?
Instead of fighting ourselves, all we need to do is change our consciousness.

And why is it so important?

The material world we live in, is a dual dimension.
Worlds of sanctity, and against them - worlds of impurity.
In the human psyche there are also two parallel systems of sanctity and defilement, which can also be called "the good inclination and the evil inclination."

When we stick to our holy aspects, we attract lights of grace and can enjoy abundance and satisfaction.

And when we are on the other side - in the world of impurity, we are ruled by the dark and evil forces in the world.
All the "negative" traits we hold onto, cause the forces of evil to control us and suck our vitality away from us.

As a result, we are unable to evolve, and the screens that are formed around us do not allow the lights of grace to fill our vessels.

If you are held captive by the forces of impurity, you may suffer decrees, troubles and illnesses.
To correct the negative traits inherent in us, we must transform our consciousness, our spiritual vibration, and transcend the sacred side.
Tikkun Character traits Eng Sm
How is this actually done?
By controlling our thoughts and our automatic response system.
If you desire to reach high consciousness level you must learn to ascend beyond your thoughts and emotions.
Not to ignore them or deny them, but to understand that they come from the ego, and that the ego is limited, and may bring you to places that are not good for you.
You are much more than your ego thinks you are ...

So - every time you feel that your (negative) automated response system is coming into action, stop for a moment, and think to yourself:
- Do I want to be controlled by the forces of impurity, which will lead me to hardship, fail me, and suck my energies,
Or would I rather live with a high awareness that will bring me growth?

Mind control is a practice we can adjust to ourselves, it's a little difficult at first, and requires us to step out of our comfort zone.
However - if we persevere with it over time, it will become natural for us.

Whenever we transform our selfish desires and urges into higher awareness, we are in fact rectifying our soul.

Character attributes are difficult to refine, but our way of thinking can certainly be consciously transformed.

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