Personalized Kabbalistic Amulets

Kamea Hotam Attraction Amulet for for attraction and personal charm:
This amulet will help its owner increase his/her personal charm and charisma and will magnetize people to him/her like butterflies to the light. It is especially good for people who want to attract a potential love, and bring their soul mate to them. It is also very effective in attracting people in general, for social and business purposes.

Price: $18.50 Pendant: $22.50
KameaAchievingtheImpossible The amulet that will help you fulfill your wishes:
This amulet Will help you fulfill your wishes and achieve anything, even the impossible, or what is contrary to the laws of nature.

Price: $18.50   Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-OpenDoors Amulet that removes all barriers and open the door for success:
This amulet will remove all blocks and barriers that limit its owner and open the door for success at areas of life.

Price: $18.50  Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-Protection Amulet for protection:
This amulet will provide its owner protection against enemies and bad energies around and in the house, including negative influences of people who placed the evil eye on the person, their family, or home. It is also excellent for cancelling the bad spir aimed against you or any of your family members.

Price: $18.50   Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-Fortune Amulet for success, livelihood, and good fortune:
This amulet will bring its owner to a new path of richness, abundance, good livelihood and success in business. Place it at home or in your business place, next to you at all times, and its blessed qualities will affect its surroundings.

Price: $18.50  Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-Love-Couples Amulet for love, passion, and closeness:
It will increase love and passion among couples, strengthen sexual stamina, improve intimate love and harmony. Also good for social issues in general - it will nurture friendships, bring closenedd between people, and edcourage unconditional love

Price: $18.50 Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-Healing Amulet for health and healing:
This amulet will help its owner to cure any disease, ailment or injury. It can be placed on the affected area of the body to induce healing. ** A great gift for any occassion, whether you suffer disease or not. Good for anybody who suffers injury, chronic disease or pain. If you have a clinic where you give healing services, it's a good place to keep it, as it would induce healing and cure for your clients.

Price: $18.50  Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-Enthusiasm-courage Amulet for courage, ambition and enthusiasm:
This amulet will empower and bring courage, ambition and enthusiasm to its owner. It will help materialize plans and fulfill life purpose. Recommended for business owners, students, people that embark on a new path, and for those who had lost their enthusiasm and interest at work due to over-burden and barriers.

Price: $18.50 Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-HotamPowerfulSpeakingPersuation Amulet for authoritative and influential speech:
This amulet will increase the authority, power of persuasion, and leadership through spoken words.
Helps to obtain your desires and achieve superiority in teachings, sales, court, parenting and education. It will make your speech powerful and dominant,
leaving people speechless at your words and willing to obey and fulfill your request.
** Very helpful for teachers, educators, salespeople, mediators, negotiators, business people and lawyers.

Price: $18.50  Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-Protection-Fulfillment-El-Shadai Personalized Kabbalistic amulet for protection and fulfillment of wishes:
This amulet with the name "El Shaddai" will bring its owner everything they ask for, and fulfill wishes and desires. It will help them shine with Divine Light to positively affect their surroundings and protect against harm and danger wherever they go.

Price: $18.50  Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng
Kamea-Hotam-Richness-Honor Amulet for richness and honor:
personalized amulet will help its owner attain richness and honor, abundance and plentiful profits, and enjoy the best things life has to offer.

Price: $18.50
Kamea-Hotam-Clear_Language Amulet for knowlegeable expression:
This amulet will help its owner attain eloquence in all written and spoken forms, thus inspire others with their literal skills. It also improves articulation and self-expression. Recommended for teachers, lecturers, and anybody who want to succeed in theoretical tests.

Price: $18.50  Pendant: $22.50
Mystical symbols have powerful potencies to influence life circumstances.
When you place them in your vicinity, they shift your energy field and create changes in any area of life that they were destined to change.
The powers of King Solomon seals are very extensive and proven as life-changing symbols.
Together with sacred letter combinations from the "72 Names of God", they constitute powerful magnets that attract abundance and transform any area of life that you want to change.
KameaInHand 123821
Kamea Pendant Ad Eng Sm Most of the amulets are also available as pendants:
The amulet is printed on a small scroll, wrapped with decorative fabric, tied with red string and inserted in a glass tube of 6.5x1.5 cm (o.45x2.6"). It contains King Solomon seal (Seal of Solomon),  letter combinations from the sacred "72 Names of God" and the priestly Blessing. A black string to hang it on your neck is included. Fits easily in the wallet as well.

Amulet for blessing in all areas of life:
The amulet contains King Solomon seal #42 - The third pentacle of Venus, 4 sacred letter combinations from the 72 Names of God, and a personal dedication by name and mother's name.
It brings livelihood, joy, fertility, love, good health, inner balance, self-fulfillment, wisdom and success to its owner.
It transmits a focused light that breaks all barriers and cancels decrees and hardship.
Kamea Blessing allRegular: $18.50 Pendant: $22.50 BuyNow-Eng

The Seven Seals mega-amulet for success in all aspects of life:
livelihood, love, health, protection, self-confidence, self-realization, education and fulfill men of wishes. This amulet will open the path to success and remove any obstacles.
Recommended for young people, major life events and new beginnings.
Available at regular size or as a pendant to wear on the neck or carry in your wallet.
SevenSeals mega amulet Sm Price: $35.50   
Pendant: $37.50
Shipping by registered mail (10-20 days delivery)
or by express mail (4-6 days delivery)
Why should you have your own personalized amulet?
- When you feel stuck, dissatisfied with a certain aspect of your life, want to improve an essential issue, or need help in turning the circumstances to your favor.
The powerful personalized amulets are prepared especially for you, according to your name and mother's name - translated to Hebrew. Your name and mother's name are the definition of the root of your soul. Adding them into the amulet will direct the positive influences of the Kabbalistic symbols in your direction.** These powerful amulets are dedicated to their owner, and provide blessings and protection to any area of life that needs improvement. They can also be ordered as outstanding gifts for birthdays, holidays or any special life-transition event.
The powers of King Solomon seals are very extensive and proven as life-changing symbols.

Each amulet's size is 18x12.7 cm (7"x5"). It contains a King Solomon seal (Seal of Solomon), sacred letter combinations from the "72 Names of God" and the priestly Blessing.
The background is decorated with text from the Psalms.
The amulets are printed on quality arches paper, rolled and tied with red string.
After preparing the amulet, it is inserted in the book of Zohar and charged with its powerful energies.
The amulet is shipped in a glass tube, ready for gift-giving.
King Solomon seals are used in amulets and talismans in practical Kabbalah. Each seal has a particular purpose and influences a certain aspect of your life.
The amulet should be kept in its owner's surroundings at all times, and its blessed qualities will effect his/her energy field.
The decorative amulet is written entirely in Hebrew, what gives it extra potency.
The Hebrew letters are known as the building blocks of the universe, and compose the cosmic DNA.

** Please provide a name and mother's (first) of the person to whom the amulet is dedicated.