How to externalize your inner beauty:
Message for the week from the 72 Names cards:

When we accept ourselves fully, just the way we were created, our inner beauty is projected outward and our charm is at its peak. This way, we also seem charming and attractive in the eyes of others, and the willingness to support us and help us to fulfill our wishes is increasing. When we pamper and beautify ourselves with our glorious internal light, ignore the dark sides of ourselves and express self-confidence, no one can stand against us. However, we must also learn to discern the good and beautiful sides in others, and see them beyond their disadvantages.
* This message is given by card #64 of the "72 Names cards" that refers to the letter combination Mem-Chet-Yod (מ.ח.י) of the “72 Names of God”. This card talks about the times in which we need to utilize our personal charm to get what we want. The image on the card shows Bezalel, the first biblical artist, embroidering and designing the high priest's robe. He takes all the beauty that exists and applies it into his creation to glorify the person who wears it.

* visualizing the letter combination Mem-Chet-Yod (מ.ח.י) and inscribing it in body and mind will help you to project your inner beauty outwardly - to see yourself beautiful and attractive, find favor with others, to acquire self-confidence, neutralize negative attitudes about yourself, and see others beyond his faults. מ.ח.יencourages a sense of humor, and externalization of beauty and positive attributes of your very core.

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