Dear Souls -

What courage was required of you to agree to arrive here again, to the material world, to experience life and complete lessons and amendments!

Life here entails us to wear a physical body. In this realm, we are limited by our five senses and it is hard for us to perceive what is happening beyond them.

We are wrapped by screens (or veils) composed of the body and ego, which hide the roots of our destiny and blur our understanding about the outcomes of our actions or the chain of events we have experienced in this life and past lives.

When we experience challenges and obstacles, we endlessly search for answers, trying to understand why these difficulties were imposed on us, and thus, we may develop frustration and unhappiness.

But in the upper worlds, nothing is forgotten.
The whole chain of events related to our unique soul - cause and effect, from the day they started (from the root) is engraved and recorded in the "history book" of the universe.

We can uncover these insights by expanding our consciousness.

** The letter combination Aleph-Nun-Yod (א.נ.י) from the “72 names of God” is intended to expand our perspective - to deissolve the veils.
Aleph Nun Yod Sm

Once we understand the reason for the life path our soul ​​had chosen, it is easier for us to recalculate our actions and go in the right direction.

Knowledge and insight shorten and optimize our personal amendment and soften our antagonism and frustration.

We utilize the name Aleph-Nun-Yod (א.נ.י) through visualization and meditation, so that by broadening our understanding of the reality of our lives and destiny, we can follow our mission accurately and remove all that is unnecessary and blocking our path.

After meditating with the letter combination and inscribing it in body and mind, many new insights will begin to appear in our minds.
Many questions and confusions will be brightly lit, and we will be able to see our path clearly.


The full list of the "72 Names of God" and their meanings is available for anyone interested.
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