The Inner Wizard cards
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What does your higher-self want you to know today?
Each card is a soulmate that carries a special message to you -
just draw it from the deck, observe and internalize.
Excellent cards for daily guidance and empowerment.

The deck contains 84 insight cards that make three sets in one package:
84 personal notes to support you daily,
84 renewed choice proclamations,
and the astrological aspects that relate to your situation.

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Need an Illuminating insight for a pressing issue in your life?
The Inner Wizards are trustworthy message cards for simple and honest communication between you and your inner self. 
The inner Wizards are a rare breed of cards that actually read you and your inner feelings.
Each card is a short notelet that sends you a message from some aspect of your inner self or subconscious. The wise cards represent the higher self that communicate with us through a channel of intuition.
They are unique healing angels that bring awareness to your inner world. They will empower you again and again, and reassure that you are an active participant in the game of life, and, in fact - whatever happens to you - is for your highest good.
You simply pull a card and discover something that yearns to be verbally expressed about a particular inner feeling. Each card wants to give you feedback from your higher awareness. You can think about a certain topic that troubles your mind, or just let the cards "speak" to you without you asking about anything.
It works like a miracle - as much as life itself is!

The Inner Wizards allow you to explore and express new things about yourself and your relationship with the world around you.They are yout true soul mates!

The “Inner Wizard” cards are linked to astrology:

Each group of cards is related to a certain zodiac sign that deepen their significance in your life's process.
As you read the strengthening and weakening attributes of each sign (in the attached brochure) you will better understand what to do in order to resolve a certain issue in your life.
There are no “good” or “bad” characteristics - but there are attributed that weaken us or strengthen us at a given time.

Great Reviews!

“…I love the premise of this deck – short “notelets” from one’s higher self, connecting us to deep inner truths…
…The cards are viewed as the Soul Mates for the Seeker … they allow the Seeker to explore and express new things about themselves, and their relationship with the world around them…
I have found this deck to be gentle, positive, and informative. It pushes boundaries in a way that allows the Seeker to grow, without becoming defensive. It can be used alone, or as an “added value” to another type of reading…. Lovely deck to work with!...
Review by Bonnie Cehovet about the “Inner Wizard” cards at:

“… I really like these cards. They are incredibly unique and they can be used quickly; you do not need a long, large spread to get a detailed message. 
I highly, highly recommend these cards for anyone and everyone who enjoys oracles… 
I have read these cards for myself, for my friends… Every card that was chosen (and truthfully, any card of any of Orna's oracles that I have used and shared) had a message that needed to be heard in that time. Sometimes the message was difficult to read, other times it was comforting. But it was always something the querent needed to "hear."… This is one of my favorite things about this oracle deck. It is totally inclusive to any and all belief systems, and thus can really be used by anybody open to oracle decks…
Read the full reviews by Jesicca Elizabeth :

and -

"Many decks I’ve featured on The Magical Buffet are designed to tap into your intuition more than using a divinatory system. The cards I’m writing about today are touted as “Message cards from your higher self” and I couldn’t agree more. However, what at first may appear to be merely random notes on cards begin to reveal far more thought and design than one might have originally thought...  The Inner Wizard is a truly unique divinatory experience. As far as I know, you won’t find anything like it, anywhere else."
Read a review by Rebecca Elson at

“…Sometimes we just want a nudge from the universe to reaffirm us about whether or not we are on the right path. We don’t necessarily always want the whole story to have to relate back to our lives, and that is where the Inner Wizard Cards come in. I thoroughly recommend this as a gift because it is relevant to anybody’s life, and is not as confusing as tarot could be for some people still trying to get acquainted with hermetic symbolism. If you know anybody that is going through a big turning point in their life and is constantly seeking for meaning and direction, this will be an amazing gift for them… The cards transmit ancient wisdom that is only attained through experience, and can be used as the basis for debates and conversations about nurturing our own spirit… When you really open up to use these cards, you will find yourself making discoveries about yourself that will provide improvements across all areas of your life. They can change the way you look at things, which can in change motivate you to act with more self-assurance and courage…
Read the full review by Monica Laura at:
…”These 84 insight cards are quickly becoming a trusted friend and I love the Astrological correspondences that add depth and multiple layers of meaning to the message…
… I would recommend these cards to anyone looking for a positive way to start the day and to stay aligned with their Higher Self throughout the day. I would also recommend these cards to anyone interested in Astrology as they help you understand the lessons inherent in each of the 12 Zodiac signs…”
Review by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd @

“…The Inner Wizard is an unusual tool. It merges well with astrology and tarot, and the messages are amazingly pertinent. They can be used as a stand-alone tool, or for a card-a-day picked for personal insights. It’s a charming deck that appeals to clients and can be shared with friends and family, too. The Inner Wizard is recommended for people who would like to integrate an unusual tool into their divinatory work, and for individuals who would like to get in touch with hidden aspects of their life…”
Review by Elizabeth Hazel @ FacingNorth

The gift that never ends!
Give it to the people you most care avout! 
It will make everyone happy!

Card3 10 14Use them as your soul mates for daily empowerment, advice and direction and gain new insights about your life’s path.


There is hardly any person who remains indifferent to the charming, humorous, and wonderfully true messages. People who never worked with cards before, get curious, pull out a card, and are immediately fascinated by their clever charm.
set3But the amazing part is, that in most cases the Inner Wizards hit home with amazing accuracy.
You deserve to have them for daily reading to gain empowiring insights anytime you need them!

The Inner Wizard Cards were created as a collaboration between Jacob Roth and Libby Ram, both artists, creative writers, and inspiring teachers. They were first published in Israel in 2003, and still retain their status as best sellers. This special edition was revised, translated to English and re-designed and is now available worldwide.

The Inner Wizards + The Alphabet for Lovers + The 72 Names Cards + Tokens of Light for only $101.50 (save $24.50) and receive a free gift: a set of pocket-size amulets for career and livelihood
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