Do you believe all the thoughts running through your mind?

Sometimes, we feel that we are under a mental attack:
Our heads are filled with endless rush of obsessive, and usually negative thoughts like fears, suspicion, resentment, self-doubt, critical thoughts about ourselves or others…
Thoughts of revenge, separation, malicious intents, thoughts from the mind and thoughts from the heart.

Where do thoughts come from?
In fact, many of the thoughts that roam in our heads attack us from the outside: the ego captures them from the atmosphere, appropriates them for itself, and makes us believe that we contemplated them.
Unknowingly, we adopt these thoughts, and tend to identify with them.

We are constantly exposed to a flood of information, and sometimes unaware of the tremendous impact it has on us: Messages from the media, social networks, things we hear over and over from other people, seep into our consciousness and get assimilated.
This is a common cause of anxiety, constant worry, destructive habits, anger, attention and concentration disorders, pessimism and panic.

In addition to the thoughts that attack us from the outside, we may develop our own judgmental thinking toward other people or ourselves, or thoughts of disdain and hatred, which can cause tangible damage inside and out.
The main damage caused by negative thoughts is spiritual oppression.

You will probably ask - what damage can a negative thought cause, if it is not truly actualized?

According to the Kabbalah, thoughts are never forgotten or erased - they become the food of the Sitra Achra (the dark forces in the world), which draw trouble upon people who are immersed in negative thinking.
Every negative thought creates prosecuting forces in the upper worlds, angels of sabotage that turn against the thinker.

Destructive or obsessive thoughts prevent us from seeing ourselves as a unique and enlightened spiritual being and disconnect us from our sublime aspects.

We must remember that there is a pure inner core within us, which is connected to Divinity.

Once we neutralize the power of negative thoughts and cleanse ourselves mentally, we can create a space for the entry of spiritual light, and will be able to focus on creative thinking that will enhance our progress.

Message from the 72 Names cards:

Card no. 4 refers to the letter combination Ayin-Lamed-Mem (עלם).
The card speaks of feelings of anxiety and panic, worry and uncertainty that result from obsessive thoughts originating in the ego.
You are advised to disconnect from the harsh energies that surround you, not to take them upon yourself, to focus on your own strengths and to maintain peace of mind.
card 4 on set Eng Sm
** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life.
It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

** Meditation with the letter combination Ayin-Lamed-Mem (עלם) from the 72 Names of God, and inscribing it in the body and mind, will neutralize negative energies resulting from negative thoughts.
This sacred name silences the ego, and restores control of our thinking. It protects against anxiety, constant worry, temper tantrums, ADHD, irritability and panic, negative habits, uncertainty, pessimism, and internal voices that convince us to harm ourselves.
עלם will help to cleanse negative thoughts about others that result from anger or jealousy.
It will help open our inner space to spiritual light, and focus on creative thinking that will lead us forward.

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