You are exactly where you should be right now

Do you sometimes find it difficult to believe these words?

When we are consumed by doubts, feeling small and insignificant, we are indeed immersed in darkness.
Most of us feel inferior and insignificant comparing to the Almighty, and believe that our voice is small and unheard.
In so doing, we question our basic essence - which is "part of God above".
When we do not see ourselves as a spark of the Supreme Soul, we lose faith in our ability to influence our destiny, and in the Utmost powers that look after us from above.

Every person was created to fulfill something in the world.
The Creator has instilled in us all the forces we need in order to fulfill our personal mission.

Doubt and frustration are like screens that hide from us the powers of the body, mind, spirit and soul that have been given to us.
In situations of distress, when faith is undermined, we feel that we have failed, that we have missed the point, lost control of our destiny, and may fall into guilt feelings because our path has been diverted to an undesirable direction.

Exactly in such situations, we must continue to believe that there is a reason to everything we go through, an even at our lowest points we still fulfill our soul’s purpose.
We are part of a great cosmic plan that leads us exactly to where we need to be at each stage of our lives for spiritual learning and transcendence.
Therefore - we are indeed exactly where we are supposed to be right now, for better or for worse.
Ayin Resh Yod Book SmMeditation with the letter combination Ayin-Resh-Yod (ע.ר.י) from the 72 Names of God and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help you to achieve absolute certainty that you receive everything you need for your spiritual growth.
ע.ר.י Will strengthen your faith, help you see things beyond doubt, to recognize that under all the difficulties there is a spiritual plan, and thus to release your guilt feelings.

Through my new Kabbalah book “72 Sessions with the Soul”, you will learn in depth about the immense powers that were given to us to create a good and enlightened reality for ourselves, heal and transform, and to remove the barriers between us and the fulfillment of our desires.

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