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How do reading card work for you

Most reading cards contain artwork and codes that signify numerous probabilities for events and situations. You can compare a reading card to an icon that leads you to relevant knowledge when drawn out of the deck.

Want to know what is about to happen next?
How will a romantic relationship develop?
How your career will evolve? Or will a new venture is worth the effort?

For this purpose, many types of divination tools were created, including reading cards. The most popular Tarot Cards are in vast use all over the world.
Slide07 Specific knowledge that is unreachable through mental effort alone is made accessible to us by using reading cards, and we only have to pick the right kind of cards and the appropriate spread.

Do reading cards really work?

Will they actually reveal the right likelihoods to us?
This challenging question can be answered with an allegory:
“Does the teacher in class really function as a source for knowledge? Will he/she really teach us anything?
Well – it depends.

If you listen carefully in class and connect with the information the teacher delivers, you may probably learn something. When talking about reading cards – If you listen to yourself carefully, and connect with the knowledge they deliver, you may very well find answers to your questions.

If fact – it is not the teacher, nor the cards that will teach you anything new: they simply did not invent the knowledge. Actually, they are merely a channel/medium that transfers it.
Most reading cards contain artwork and codes that represent numerous probabilities to events and situations. Each card has its own characteristics and tells us a distinctive story. You can compare a reading card to an icon that points at a program and leads you to relevant knowledge when drawn out of the deck.

The Largest pool of knowledge:

According to metaphysical theories everything happens simultaneously, all the time. All the possible causes, circumstances, choices and effects were already created. The information that contains all possible events already exists in the endless reservoir of cosmic knowledge. All we need to do is move forward or backward on the scale of time in order to reveal it to our consciousness.

Being human beings, we are bound into physical, mental and emotional bodies (this is the reason that we came here to begin with – to experience life in the material plane). Our bodies act as shells that limit our wider vision of the universe. From this reason, it is difficult for most of us to access most of the knowledge that is stored in the eternal cosmic intelligence. 

Accessing Knowledge:

In every day survival mode, we can only be aware of a tiny fracture of all the possible probabilities that exist. Most of us need a channel or a transmission tool through which we can access the knowledge we need.

There are some gifted people among us that managed to develop their super natural clairvoyant abilities through training and experience. Their training and natural talent helped them remove most of the physical limitations, so they can spontaneously connect with the source of wisdom. In fact, each one of us has the potential do so, but many of us do not choose to develop it.

Still, the whole subject of card reading may seem esoteric to most people:
How, by drawing a “random” card from a deck can we reach the knowledge we need?
In order to obtain a reasonable answer, we first have to adopt the theory that there is nothing casual or accidental in the universe. When asking an essential question and shuffling a deck of cards, a resonance is created between our energy field and the cards’ vibrations. The energetic field created around the question we contemplate about has its own unique qualities.  As mentioned before, each card carries images and symbols that carry a typical energetic frequency. Since similars attract, the hand that draws the card will be intuitively attracted to the “right” card that will lead us to the most relevant answer to a question.

To most of us, the process looks random, while in fact, the hand is drawn to a certain card energetically, or as many expert card readers would testify, the right card simply falls into their hand.

Irrelevant Knowledge:

The process described here is possible as long as we manage to focus on our question effectively.  When we turn to the cards for answers and do it absent-mindedly, we shall get a concurrent result: irrelevant and confusing answers from the cards.

We have to take into consideration that sometimes, we are not supposed to get an answer at all, and there are many reasons to it: processes are in the midst of their creation, and the subject is not ripe yet, lack of spiritual or emotional readiness to contain or understand the answer, and so on.

In such incidents you will receive confusing answers from the cards, or information that is disconnected from the question. Sometimes, you will get an answer to an underlying concern that you did not ask about, but affected your energy field significantly.

Kabbalistic Divination Cards:

Among hundreds of divination cards offered through the metaphysical marketplace today, it is important to distinguish the Kabbalistic cards because of their outstanding attributes: The Kabbalistic codes/symbols used on the cards carry amplified spiritual vibrations. Many of these cards contain the Hebrew alphabet.

Anyone who ever experienced the insights of Kabbalah studies, knows that the Hebrew alphabet constitutes the cosmic DNA, and each letter carries a typical cosmic frequency. The world was created by endless combinations of Hebrew letters, as demonstrated in the Kabbalistic book of Yetzirah (creation).

Divination cards that contain the Hebrew letters open the passages to the eternal cosmic pool of knowledge by elevating the energetic vibration of the person who reads them. This way, the answer/relevant knowledge is reflected back to reader most accurately.

When you consider consulting with any type of reading cards, it is important to remember that your subconscious mind already has all the knowledge you will ever need in order to solve your problems. The wealth of information we carry in our minds is an integral part of the eternal cosmic intelligence. Divination cards are a tool through which we can connect with our internal source of wisdom.

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