What remedy does your soul need right now?

Here is a selection of remedies from the medicine cabinet.
Which one of them will help you most right now?
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(select one letter combination for yourself).

These are 8 out of 72 remedies for the soul that help me and many others to grow, empower, change attitudes about certain life events, open the blockages that stand between us and the fulfillment of our purpose, be healed and strengthened.

Our journey on the earthly plane is an arduous experience ...
Life in a human body requires mental strength, courage and resilience, as we are facing challenges on a daily basis. We all need healing along the way, and loving angels that will ease the journey, nourish us and shorten our amendment process.
The “72 names of God” are wonderful tools that connect us to the Supreme light, the source of our souls, and open the channels for the flow of divine abundance to our lives. They provide us with all the spiritual frequencies we need at any given moment. Each of these letter combinations conveys its unique energy frequency for a specific purpose, and connects us to the source of power through which we gain the ability to control every aspect of our lives, turn difficulty into opportunity and get of what the universe can offer.

Select one name out of the 8 appearing in the table intuitively, and write it down in front of you.

* At the bottom of this article, you will find the meanings and purpose of each name and how your chosen letter combination can help you heal and transform a certain area in your life.

* when choosing intuitively
, we put the intellect aside, and let the heart and eyes lead:
Intuitive selection is done when a particular letter combination catches our attention for no apparent reason, more than any other one (as if it jumps in front of the eyes).

Your chosen letter combination should be utilized by inscribing it in mind and body through visualization for several days.

tavla 72namesWithNumbers Sm
The full list of the meanings of the "72 Names of God" – is available for anyone interested.
To receive it, please go into this page:
leave your name and email address, and I will send it to you with love.

The document includes different methods to work with the sacred names.

And here are the meanings of the letter combinations appearing in the tablet above:

1- Ayin.Mem.Mem (ע.מ.ם) - EnthusiasmThis name will stir up enthusiasm that come from the root of the soul, spiritual inspiration, dedication and relief from a sense of emptiness. It nourishes the spirit and helps preserve honesty and mindfulness in every spiritual engagement.

2- Chet.Ayin.Mem (ח.ע.ם) - The circle of giving and receiving - Will help you give to others voluntary and unconditionally, express gratitude and appreciation for what is received and willingness to share it with others. It will encourage receiving for the purpose of paying forward, and love of God. Participation in the circle of giving-receiving elevates you spiritually, and helps you see yourself as an integral part of the cycle of life.

3- Mem.Nun.Dalet (מ.נ.ד) - living fearlessly – This name will help you get rid of fears, anxieties and worries and eradicate them to the root. It will help you overcome shyness and eliminate the difficulties and obstacles on the way to freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. When you are motivated by love, rather than fear, darkness turns into light and desert becomes a blooming garden.

4Caf.Vav.Kof (כ.ו.ק) - Purifying passions – This name encourages spiritual-sacred sexuality and purifies sexual desire and sexual energy. It works as aphrodisiac, raises sexual energy and compliance, helps you ascend to higher spiritual level through wholesome satisfying sexuality. It alleviates impotence, and encourages you to treat a lover with devotion by putting their needs before your needs. Good for recollecting the sparks that were lost due to selfish sexual activity.

5Lamed.Aleph.Vav (ל.א.ו) - Liberation from the bonds of ego – When we are in endless competition with our colleagues, careers and economic pressures, the ego is the one that governs us. This name helps us identify our ego in action and come out of its restraints. It encourages self-control, release of egotism, ego-based desires, and letting go of the mentality of "Me first", release of pretense, bondage to capricious, and the need to prove superiority over others. Thus, you can win true freedom and feel satisfaction and enjoyment with what you have.

6He.Kof.Mem (ה.ק.ם) - Rising from depression – This name protects against depression, mental illness, helplessness, fear and guilt. Encourages optimism and new beginnings, giving the emotional power to stand firm on your feet after defeats, and gives endurance when the path seems unbearable. He.Kof.Mem  reminds us not to be tempted to take the path of melancholy, and that true greatness is expressed by undaunted recovery, which expands the spiritual light in the world.

7Caf.He.Tav (כ.ה.ת) - Removal of negative energies resulting from mental stress, or from people or places that radiate darkness and hatred. This name disperses harsh energies, counteracts anger and hatred, neutralizing negativity from your surroundings, relieves stress and mental tension, helps to get rid of sadness, depression, fear and misery, balances the energy surrounding the body, stabilities anxiety, frustration, aggression, fear, worries and temper tantrums, promotes tranquility and relaxation, and makes room for positive energies.

8He.Zain.Yod (ה.ז.י) - Communication with Angels - This powerful name will improve the flow of positive energy and remove bad luck originated from negative words, thoughts and actions. It opens communication with Divine Providence, links to the Guardian Angels, promotes support and assistance from positive angels, empowers your higher self, brings goodwill and reconciliation, mental and spiritual wholeness, and balances mood swings.

May you be blessed!

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