What is the essence of your soul?

The nature (basic characteristic) of the soul is determined at the initial stage of its formation.
It distinguishes the soul throughout the incarnations.

According to Kabbalah, the basic, essential character of the soul is determined by the place in the system of the 5 worlds from which it was carved.

According to channelings received from the entity Michael (which is actually a cluster of developed souls that no longer descend to incarnation), there are seven archetypes of souls, each of which has a unique function:
Servers (approx. 25% of human society), Artisans (approx. 22%), Warriors (approx. 17%), Scholars (approx. 14%), Sages (approx. 10%), Priests – religious figures, preachers, spiritual teachers - approx. 8%) and Kings (approx. 4%)

(Credit is given to personalityspirituality.net that presents the topic in full detail.)

Serving spirits Sm

What is a server soul?

Souls from the group of serving souls make up a large part of the world's population:
25% of the souls that are raised here are serving souls. (There are more souls among us than any other kind of soul.)

The Server soul has an innate drive to serve the common good.
People who belong to this type of souls embody an energy of service, care and helpfulness.

The Servers seek to improve the lives of individuals in hands-on, down-to-earth ways.
They are naturally caring and helpful souls who live to be of benefit to others.

Their self-less ability to contain others’ suffering is admirable by other soul types, but for them - it is a natural way of being in this world, and inherently innate.
At the same time, servant souls have been exploited over time and have been candidates for slavery.

Among the Server souls in the history of the world, we can find: Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, Alfred Hitchcock, and more.

Do you feel identified with this kind of soul?

Understanding the basic architype of a human soul can provide a lot of information about the nature and temper of a person, what drives it, and how he is expected to react under certain circumstances.
This is a valid alternative to psychoanalysis: instead of years of psychotherapy, a soul reading reveals it all.

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