A sudden revelation, a moment of inspiration...

Are you familiar with these frustrating situations, when you need to solve a pressing issue, a complicated situation, or find a creative way to advance a particular subject?
You strain the thought, ask, inquire, and no idea comes into mind.
You are sure that the solution is hovering somewhere in the universe, but the distance between you and it seems unattainable...

Card No. 34 of the King Solomon's cards talks about a sudden revelation, a moment of inspiration, especially in the most unexpected moments, when your mind wanders, or you are engaged in routine activity.
Suddenly, the light bulb is lit, which sheds a bright light over the situation and helps you reach a brilliant solution.
card 34 comb reading Eng Sm
Sometimes important information comes from external source, or you get a vague clue, that directs you to a new insight, and everything is resolved in one moment.
The card advises not to impose artificial solutions and not to act before reaching the important insight that illuminates the entire picture.

** On card No. 34, the name of the angel * Lahhel * appears in ancient script – which directs you to the letter combination Yod-He-He (י.ה.ה) from the “72 names of God”.
This sacred name is responsible for guidance and inspiration, and will help you discover the light in your soul.

The letter combination Yod-He-He (י.ה.ה) appears on card no. 62 of the "72 names Cards”.
- When you conduct a reading with King Solomon cards, for yourself or for others, it is recommended to add the corresponding card from the “72 names cards” to the reading to attain a wider perspective on your question.
A combined reading with these two sets of cards will enrich your reading experience and provide you with a lot of information.

For more information about the King Solomon cards:
Comb K S C Plus 72 Names Cards Sm
When purchasing the combination of "King Solomon Cards" + the "72 Names Cards", you can request the "Archangel Connection" list, that will connect each card from the King Solomon Cards to a corresponding card from the 72 Names Cards.
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