Who's afraid of uncertainty?

One of the most startling situations for many of us is to be "in a limbo", to be disordered about what happens to us, and why. Not to know why a certain thing happened, what is the cause, why a certain pattern repeats again and again in our lives, what it means for us, and the most troubling thing, is not knowing in which direction the circumstances are developing and what to do about it.

In situations of uncertainty, we tend to draw hasty conclusions and make unwise decisions just to stop the distress of not knowing, because we are simply anxious, and that feeling paralyzes us and disrupts our daily routine.

What are we afraid of?

Losing control, of course ... we are used to be in control and like it.

In fact, situations of uncertainty open the gates for us to broader, unlimited possibilities.
Once we agree to lose control, we open ourselves to endless new potentials. We leave the closed box of our fixed conditioning, and allow things to happen in ways we did not know until now.

In times of confusion and uncertainty, we can ask the universe to resolve the situation for us, and be open to new insights that will lead us toward growth and fulfillment. We should trust that whatever evolves will be to our highest good, and that the new ways that will open to us are better than the paths we walked up until now.

Let the Universe surprise you!

Sample Card Security Sm
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Set 135616 Sm

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