Speeding up the process of growth

This message is very relevant to the upcoming Hanukkah.
It is about illuminating the darkness.

One of the reasons for difficulty and suffering in life is man's inability to see why he is being led down a certain path.
Above man there is a veil of concealment that does not allow him to see the whole story, because of his smallness in front of the entire system of Divine calculations.
(We must remember that each point of difficulty and suffering is only a small segment of a larger story).

And what is the cause of many cases of suffering?
According to the Kabbalah, one soul carved in the World of Creation can materialize through several thousand people at different times and in different places.
Its task is to transform the desire to receive into the desire to receive in order to influence.
Every root of the soul along its entire length, and across all the branches splitting off from it, must be transformed in order to reach the completion of overall rectification.

Because of the limitations of the material world, it is impossible for one person to do all the work, therefore everything that everyone goes through as small and split branches from one big root of the soul, is also intended to affect all the way to the root.
It happens over many years, through many moves and many incarnations.

In most cases, we do not know what we are rectifying, because of the shadows that surround our human image (Tzelem).
Man must discover the heavenly cause that summoned him to some complex reality from which he suffers.
As long as the person does not know and understand why the Creator summoned him to a certain scenario, he will not be able to complete it and transform the vessel.

In certain cases we are tasked with correcting a situation (or transforming a vessel) that is not ours at all, but belongs to one of our complementary sparks, those that emerge of the same root of the soul, which went through a long chain of splits.

Sometimes the transgression committed by one spark of a soul is transferred for correction by another spark, and it happens because of the strong connection between the clusters of souls.
With every offense committed, a certain fault is generated in Creation that must be rectified.
In this generation we are supposed to close circles, and this is the reason why many people receive unrectified vessels for correct, some of which they did not create.

However - the rate of transformation can be accelerated.
The letter combination Yod-Chey-Vav (י.ח.ו) from the 72 Names of God can show us the source of the difficulty and the challenge, which started somewhere at the root of the soul.
Yod-Chey-Vav (י.ח.ו) helps a person to discover the action of the Creator in his life when the process of his development is carried out through difficulty and suffering:
It strengthens those who learn and develop in the difficult way.
Yod Chet Vav Sm
It accelerates the transformation by instilling in us the understanding of the scenarios that happened, to enable us to finish the rectification faster.
Yod-Chey-Vav (י.ח.ו) brings light into us that reveals the darkness.
Allows us to see the big picture, the starting point, and instills mental clarity in us.
Through this sacred name we seek to submit to the light of the Creator, to ascend and open our eyes to spiritual vision and understanding.

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