What is blocking us from achieving what we want for ourselves?
Message for the week by the “72 Names cards”:

Imagine a situation in which you are connected to the Supreme Light all the time, without obstructions and veils ... the Absolute Light which includes all abundance, where there is no barrier between thought and materialization ...
In this situation, your thoughts could be realized in the very moment they were contemplated, and an idea could be brought into reality within seconds. All you wish for yourself would be implemented.

What are the barriers that prevent us from direct contact with the Supreme Light and block this connection?

Usually, it is lack of faith. Cynical thinking, bitterness that was accumulated over the years and recurring doubt create an obstacle that is difficult for most of us to crack.

Life pushes us to focus on the here and now, to solve problems, and to be alert with sharp observation, so we cannot afford to be "naive" because it will put us in a vulnerable state. This is how we lost the candid innocence that was rooted in us from the day we are born ... Therefore, we need to create a safe place within ourselves: an inner temple that no one can touch, where we can strip ourselves from the coverage of doubt, look with innocence and wonder at all the goodness we were blessed with, and feel grateful, even about the smallest things. Once we fill our inner sanctuary with gratitude and positive energy, we shall also notice the existence of wonderful things that have always been there for us.

All it takes to connect to the Supreme Light, is a moment of enlightenment. A split of a second of sincere and innocent faith in the ability of abundance to touch us.

A “clean" prayer that comes from the pure inner temple can break through the barriers, and the gates of Heaven are opened to absorb it.
All it takes is a moment of faith, pure of any doubt, that will connect us to our "higher self", which is part of the Supreme Light to which we direct our prayers.

Changes first occur inside, in the spiritual core, and then affect all the other levels of life.
card 19 * This message given by Card No.19 of the "72 Names Cards", which refers to the letter combination Lamed-Vav-Vav (ל.ו.ו) of the 72 Names of God.

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