What happens when we operate only by other people’s approval?

How difficult is it for us to rely on our inner voice and act according to the will of the soul…?

Since childhood, we always looked up to the grown-ups to obtain permission and approval.

As adults, we seek recognition and acceptance from the surroundings for the path we have chosen, our career, livelihood, relationships, parenting skills, or creative way.

Our survival instinct is always concerned that we never lose the love and support of others, so we won’t have to absorb crushing criticism.

Therefore, many of us find it difficult to make decisions or take certain steps that are aligned with our inner truth, but do not conform to what is customary and accepted.

In many cases, we are seeking approval from people who are totally absorbed in their personal saga, immersed with their own dramas, who don’t even know who we really are and how we look from the inside.

When we seek approval from the environment rather than rely on the inner voice, we make ourselves inferior, insecure and weakened.

We forget that we were created in the image of God, and that the DNA of our souls encompass unlimited capabilities: to create our own reality, and to find the unique way to fulfill our destiny.

Let us remember that we all contain a mature entity inside us, that carries infinite wisdom:
It is our higher-self that is tightly connected to the eternal light. This wholesome aspect of ourselves will guide, encourage, and strengthen us along the way, if we only listen to it.

Deep down inside, we know for sure how to make things work.

If we remove the dependence on external factors, and quiet down the doubts, we can create our own masterpiece – our reality – in the way that is most suitable for us.

What will help us increase our self-confidence?

Accumulation of achievements.
When we prove to ourselves that after exerting effort and perseverance, we are able to fulfill everything we aspire for, and that we have the ability to harness our will power for self-realization.

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