The shortening of time.
An important message for 2024

In honor of the first day of 2024, I asked for a message that would put us on the right track for the new year.
As you have probably noticed in recent years, our world operates on an accelerated and intense timeline.
Did you also feel that each week goes by faster?
That processes that once took years or several months to complete, exhaust themselves within days or weeks?
And what does this mean for us?

Eventually, everything will be for the best, and we will come out the other side of the tunnel stronger and more united, into a brighter reality.
But in the meantime - we still haven't left the danger zone, and we are still under the threat of negative factors on a personal and collective level.
We haven't defeated the forces of evil yet...

Personally, I am not one of the prophets of wrath or seers of blackness of any kind, so it is important for me not to scare, but to warn, and to give you practical tools that will help you deal with what is to come.
The difficulty and volatile events that we undergo in the past few years require us to clean up the remnants of negative karma and close open accounts.

Every time of crisis gives us an opportunity for accelerated growth.
Wars, struggles and conflicts that rage around us, point in the clearest way to what is happening inside us.

To ease the difficulty that falls on us from the outside, we need to clean the house from the inside.
Most of us have unclosed accounts from the past and previous incarnations, cases in which we robbed or cheated or hurt another person, through our fault or ignorance.
When a certain karmic debt accumulates within us, we know it at the soul level.

If we believe that we must be punished for past mistakes, we develop a compulsive fear that someone will come and hurt us back.
The fear in our thoughts may manifest itself in material reality, and we may be harmed or become a victim of damage to property, body or soul.

Together with that - we are not powerless.
We have the option of mitigating the decree and restrain the damage.

We must focus on practical actions:
- The house and living space must be cleansed of harsh energies in various ways, such as the use of holy names, reading Psalms in the house, candles, incense or purification rituals.
- Light seven candles in the house arranged in the form of the Merkabah (the seven lower sefirot of the tree of life), preferably every day.
candles Merkabah Eng Sm
- The atmosphere between the family members must be cleared, and peace and harmony restored with the spouse.
- You have to compensate any person you hurt in the past to neutralize the feelings of resentment.
- Charity and donation must be given to transform your vessels and atone for iniquities.
- Through good deeds you will feel purer and worthy of protection and help from above.
- Even if damage to property happens, God forbid, we must remember that the loss of property comes to atone for injury to the soul.

And all of this should be done right now, when the ground is shaking under our feet, and reality requires us to carry out a significant purification and transform our conscious vessels.

Message from the King Solomon cards:
The card that came up in the reading is card no. 32 from King Solomon's cards, inverted.
The message is that time is pressing, and we must act quickly so that we do not miss the opportunity for rectification.
card 32 on set inverted Eng Sm
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