Each one of us experiences loss of a loved one at a certain point in life.

For those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one, especially if their death was sudden and in tragic circumstances, familiar and painful thoughts emerge:
"If I could only spend a few more happy moments with him ...
If I could only tell them a few last words, to go back in time and cancel this death ...
How great and unbearable is the sorrow... "

According to the Kabbalah, life is eternal, and it teaches that even if someone has left their physical body, their soul continues to exist in the spiritual realms.
In some occasions, it is possible to create contact with the deceased, to receive messages, and to console ourselves with the knowledge that their soul is still alive and well even if they are not around us on the earthly level.

The letter combination Chet-Bet-Vav (חבו) from the 72 names of God can help create this connection. This is not about seance or witchcraft, but through opening of a channel, a unique vibration in the soul that allows us to communicate with our loved ones.

In my personal experience, I have learned that close relatives who have passed away can give us, those who were left behind, a loving embrace, and truly connect us to cosmic love, to the big picture, and to the eternal world that is beyond our ordinary daily perception.
Chet Bet Vav Sm
Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, and the changes are manifested in your everyday life.
Keep this letter combination in your mind for a few days. It is also advised to draw this letter combination directly on the skin, on the inner side of your left wrist.

Watch a new video presenting one of the many visualization techniques with the “72 Names of God”.
The video provides a brief explanation about the sacred 72 Names, and how to inscribe them in the body and mind.
Take your time, and in short 4 minutes you will attain a magical tool that will help you become happier, fulfilled and more successful.

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The full list of the "72 Names of God" and their meanings is available for anyone interested.

To receive it, please go into this page: http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/request-72-names and leave your name and email address,
and I will send it to you with love.

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