Cultivating your vessel for abundance

Many cultures give great importance to charity and generosity.

This is not a mere practice designed to make you look better in the eyes of God (or the members of your community), and increase your chances of going to heaven after you die.

If you want to be financially successful and attract abundance, you must apply the cosmic law that says, that in order to enjoy abundance, you must become a source of abundance.

And that means - even if you have limited resources right now, you still have to give something to others, that is - to allow abundance to flow through you.

The Kabbalah teaches that person who aspires to draw abundance and keep it all for himself, acts selfishly, and driven by the dictates of the ego, distances himself from the Creator.

Verse 3 Tikkun Sm
To become an emanating - inspiring factor - you must resemble the Supreme Source whose very essence is giving.

This is what the Kabbalah calls: “equalization of form” – Shivuy Tzurah – שיווי צורה
This conduct purifies your vessels for the flow of abundance, as the Divine light always desires to manifest itself in rectified vessels.

When you act altruistically, you get closer to the Creator.

The thought of creation can be manifested in you, and you shall enjoy material and spiritual abundance.
Each time you resemble the source that influences, you transcend spiritually.

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