A Window Into Another Dimension

About Orna Ben-Shoshan’s Visionary artwork

By Michal Zilberman

ProphetsDance.jpgGazing at the artwork of Orna Benshoshan feels like stepping into another world - a world of endless possibilities, of distant horizons and landscapes full of light and mystical figures that play, dance, meditate and experience life on a higher sphere of being.  

Having an Orna Benshoshan painting on your wall is like having a window to another dimension.  This is a natural result of Orna’s process, which involves opening her consciousness and channeling images that come to her from a different realm of existence.   

Though she never completed formal Art studies, Orna has a distinct style of her own, marked by her bold use of color and her unique sense of form, light and space.  While the themes of her paintings are spiritual or mystical, they are also full of humor, like a twinkling, winking eye.

As she states about her artwork:

“As an auto-deduct artist, my work It a medium of transferring knowledge about things that are beyond linear time and thinking.

My source of inspiration are memories from alternate states of existence; I am blessed with the ability to see things that come from another realm, in which, to my belief, I existed before.

My Major motivation as a visual artist is to translate the retrieved information into a visual form, so that it can be shared with others and perhaps expand their consciousness and inspire new ways of thinking. This is my contribution to the society as an artist.”

Orna’s most inspiring works, like her rendition of the Last Supper, are provocative and visionary.  They infuse us with a sense of hope, curiosity, and remind us of the boundlessness of existence, thus serving as a companion in our own journey towards enlightenment. 

Orna Ben-Shoshan has been an auto deduct artist for the past 30 years. Her artwork was exhibited in numerous locations in the USA, Europe and Israel. Her Major motivation as a visual artist is to share her visions with others to expand their consciousness and inspire new ways of thinking.

To see more of her artwork, please visit: http://www.ben-shoshan.com

Orna is the co-creator of the new and innovative "King Solomon Cards", which are based on her artwork and combine her metaphysical images with ancient Kabalistic symbols. To see more, please visit: http://www.k-s-cards.com


This article was written with the help of Michal Zilberman, a graduate of McGill and Tel-Aviv Universities  is a film producer and director,  journalist and copywriter. 


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