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personal message from the "Alphabet for Lovers" cards
Pick one heart and receive a personal message from the "Alphabet for Lovers" cards.

Think of a question about your relationship (romantic, family, social ort professional), and select one heart from the board.
Write down the number of the heart you have chosen, go to the bottom of the post and find the answer.
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These are six heart cards were chosen from "Alphabet for Lovers",
a set of cards that specializes in advice and prediction about relationships.

The cards are based on the knowledge of 22 Hebrew letters.
The set contains 72 heart shaped cards and a detailed interpretation booklet.

The cards answer fundamental questions about romantic relationships and relationships in general (family / social / professional).
Every answer in the booklet also contains a personal analysis, analysis to situations in which there is still no relationship (singles) and advice for action.
The Alphabet for Lovers is distributed worldwide and serves as a secret weapon for hundreds of relationships advisors and personal trainers.
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The subject of partnerships and human relations is a substantial area of our lives, that is always challenging our personal journey.
Our relationships are great laboratory for learning the most advanced and fatal spiritual lessons, this is one of the most emotive areas of life after birth and death.
A certain partner enters our lives for many causes, and plays a critical role by placing a mirror in front of us, that reflects us who we really are, and where we aspire to reach. This also applies to friendships, family relationships, social and business relationships.
If our relationship involves frustration and suffering, we must remember that our soul had summoned them to us to learn important lessons.
And yet - many questions always arise ...

You will find the answers for yourself through consultation with the Alphabet for Lovers.

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So what heart did you pick?

Here are the answers:

27 -Teth (ט) Clearing out the waste to reach the latent goodness:
Marital crises bring to the surface all the unnecessary polluter waste, and give us an opportunity to get rid of it and reach to the goodness hidden underneath. Bitterness, resentment, old rage and hostility may arise between you, and conflicts over financial issues. Things could worsen to the point that you consider divorce and legal proceedings. The spouse may come up with unreasonable demands, and be manipulative, proud, arrogant, and stubborn. The situation became explosive as a result of sinking deep into the material level. You may develop eating binges and become self-destructive. Resolving the problem is in your hands: either to go all the way towards dismantling the house, dirty divorce and difficult negotiations in court, or mutual concessions and extract the best out of the crisis. Alternately - one spouse may return to his senses during the legal process, and give up his demands so both sides are satisfied. To get back on the right track, accept the relationship as a spiritual journey and a learning process, let go of pride, make sincere efforts and be generous. The goodness in the current situation is not visible yet, and will later become apparent. This painful crisis was necessary in order to clean the surface and discover the positive aspects of your relationship.
For singles: Someone that you considered negatively in the past, is suddenly discovered as a positive person who wishes you well. Give it a chance, because this could become a strong, energetic and exciting connection (but also bumpy and full of sparks).
Advice: If you devote your thoughts, love, and good and pure will, you’ll manage to defeat even the strongest lion – the destructive impulses. Because of your natural desire to influence the environment, you must keep giving yourself all the time, in order to express your kindness. If for some reason there will be no generosity in relationships - they will collapse. Maintain a healthy power balance with your spouse.

28 - Yod (י) The s point where everything starts: 
Changes will occur in your mutual life, and everything will start in one little point, or one small step forward. A single action that is done in a short period of a day, hour or minute, holds a whole new reality. A small but significant gesture will break the deadlock and open the luck in the relationship. One little word spoken at the right time will cure everything. Instant illumination for split of a second would shed a new light on everything, and bring a big change. You can open a new page in your relations by a small and momentary gesture, or a modest gift with tremendous meaning for the receiver. A wise person from the past might reappear in your life for a quick visit, and will help you, in a few words, to solve a problem that you already despaired from resolving. Small events are the most important because they embody an entire world.
For singles: A period of isolation is about to end. It’s time to act and step forward, enrich your social life and get the partner that you want. One little smile and eye contact at the right moment, one click on the keyboard, or the first gathering of a new social circle, can open a new world of possibilities. A friendship may heat up and become a love story. If you are not sure of your attitude towards a specific person, one statement from him would hint on his great wisdom and break the ice.
Advice: A modest little screw holds the whole system on its axis, and contains enormous potential energy. Do not be afraid to make one small step towards a big change. If you feel lost, you will receive spiritual guidance along the way. Focus on what is happening at the present moment, because it holds all your potential for success. Even in situations of victory and advancement one should always stick to humbleness. Remember that even if you are smart and original, there are other talented people besides yourself.

60 -Kof (ק) Coming together and changes for the better:
Positive evolvement, good beginnings, dawn of a new phase in life. Entertainment, fun and laughter make life easier and turn gloom into joy. Social events and many opportunities for gatherings and tying new contacts. You are both surrounded and embraced by a supportive social circle, by which you were introduced to each other, and friends that provided a positive springboard to your mutual life. The relationship consists of strong feelings, mutual passion, dedication and deep spiritual connection. You accept your partner in his entirety, with his unique and beautiful aspects as well as his weak ones. Fostering self-respect and building a mutual place for living. Spiritual work is done in the relationship: cancellation of the lower parts of self, sacrifice of selfish desires and urges, and suppression of the shadowy aspects in order to allow love to flow. Such ideal relationship will last over time if the couple will adhere to maintain spiritual purity and self-control. In some cases one partner will discipline himself too severely, will be stubborn, and place strict standards that his spouse will have a difficulty to meet.
For singles: A ray of hope shines into your life and improves your mood. A period of gloom and loneliness ends and there is revival in your social life. Your uniqueness shines from afar, and you become very popular. Invitations to parties and social events are flowing from all directions. There are new opportunities to approach people and make new connections, and you get a leap forward in your efforts to find a suitable mate. Expect miracles and joys.
Advice: If the daily struggle for survival wears down your love life, it's time to go out to social hangouts, festivities and entertainment, and get together with people. Adopt a broad world view, be tolerant, learn to accept everyone as they are, and notice their perfect beauty. Be careful about stubbornness and rigidity in your relations: this is what would push you over to the lower places of your personality.

67 - Shin (ש) Paying for mistakes:
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth - the need for justice and fair compensation for unfairness. Issues from the past are awakening, good or bad, that require an urgent cure. Someone must take responsibility for actions and choices made and pay for the consequences. Due to the intensity of the relationship, there is a great risk of tumbles. Passions and secret desires are not always satisfied, and may raise unrest and frustration. There may be resentment, rebelliousness, promiscuity and infidelity. One of you needs constant stimulation and excitement, and if the relationship does not provide them, he may cheat, mainly because of boredom. Punishments and retaliations, lies, mutual stabbings in the relationship, sharpening the swords and arrows. One of you suffers from an impulsive and indiscriminative personality, and is not faithful to his obligations or to anyone that loves him. A deep soul-search must take place, concessions, and surrender to the sense of justice and reason. After this critical issue will be settled and justice is done, you will reach a new level of maturity, awareness and mutual responsibility. You will experience enlightenment and renaissance of a situation that you considered as lost case.
For singles: A stormy, passionate and unstable relationship is expected. If this connection falls apart, it will be immediately followed by a new beginning of a better steadier relationship. You should give a chance to an old friend that may pop up again in your life.
Advice: You'll have to reconsider whether this relationship is fair for both of you. In order to achieve wholeness and balance, you must pay for the mistakes and harms you caused. This situation calls for an accurate and just compensation to your partner. You must learn from past experiences and implement them.

69 – Tav (ת) Successful completion and discovering the truth:
You have gone through a long and challenging path together, and now the trial has ended and the truth about the nature of your relationship comes to light. Finally, your connection is stable and happy, and if you have been together for a long time, the children are already grown. Your spouse is your main pillar and the light at the end of the long tunnel. Happy endings, all tasks were performed in their entirety, you feel acceptance and redemption, fulfillment and blessings. The contrasts between you are settled, and you have reaching a peak of success and satisfaction. You're looking at the beginning of your shared journey, summarize what happened, and understand what was the common lesson you have learned. You completed a revision cycle in your relations, and paid your duties with a signature of truth and integrity. You learned to appreciate your partner what role he played in your life. If you had doubts before, now you came to terms with the relationship and your spouse. If you went through a legal process and had bitter arguments, it was signed and concluded. You may decide to change environment and move to a new and better house, or to go on frequent trips abroad. The experiences you went through leave an indelible impression.
For singles: You did a tremendous job on yourself and filled with a sense of accomplishment. You have finally learned to appreciate yourself and your uniqueness, and it is easier for you to speak up. You came to know what you really want out of life. You achieved peace and quiet, all the difficult experiences are over, and now you will experience a positive flow in personal connections and all aspects of life. However, remember to enter any new relationship with an open mind and no expectations.
Advice: The purpose of a shared journey is soul amendment, and correction can only be realized through actual physical experience. Time to celebrate – You finally learned to communicate properly with each other. You have reached a common ground and settlements that will affect the upcoming cycle in your relationship.

71 – Tav (ת) Stubborn adherence to the past:
Nostalgia and reminiscing about the past, emotional behavior, difficulty to realize that some things have ended, and nothing will return to normal. Inability to forgive, release the past and move on. Someone constantly recalls and reminds of experiences in previous relationships and strives to return to old situations that no more exist. Cannot leave things behind and see the good in the present. Doubts and fears about the future, pessimism and the need to demand an immediate return on every effort and investment, because subconsciously, there is knowledge that the relationship is going to end soon. Difficulty to see the future may cause anxiety, weakness and depression, lack of confidence, and behavior that is based on emotion and mood swings. In certain situations, you may carry mental scars and past injuries, would not forgive those who had cheated on you, and would not risk yourself with a new relationship from fear to be hurt again. When there is no alternative, and you can’t achieve harmony and peace of mind, you may cut yourself off society or settle for a solitary life and very few relatives and friends.
For singles: What is blocking you from achieving a stable connection is unnecessary speech about your Ex and comparing every new person in your life to him. It appears that you have reluctance in achieving new relationship because of past hurts which you cannot forget. To succeed in the future, you must let go of what happened and wait for the next round, which will be based on a different kind of bonding. Life will provide you with additional opportunities and beginnings.
Advice: If you cannot release the past, the natural cycle is interrupted, and you will remain stuck with your problems and miss the beautiful side of life. You must learn to relax mentally and understand that the only perfection is expressed through constant change, and circularity of life cannot be stopped.

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