One of the most destructive thoughts in the world is jealousy.

Jealousy stems from a wrong observation of the world - from the perception that cosmic abundance is limited, and that if one person owns something valuable, there will not be enough for the other.

Envy between people, social groups and nations is a harsh vibration with a potential for great destruction, and when it accumulates, it nourishes the forces of darkness - the negative energies that intensify in our world.
Envy produces struggles, aggression, hostile activity and wars.
As a result, suffering, hunger and injustice occur, people and nations are being oppressed, and refugees are forced to leave their homes.

How many wars begin because of a desire to control territory, and how many hostile conducts take place between people, attempts to impede one’s achievements, take control over property and resources, and grab what one thinks they deserve, so that the other person would not have it.

Pay attention - how many of you are careful not to speak openly about their possessions and achievements:
it is not just the desire to preserve privacy, it also stems from the basic knowledge rooted in us, that passes through the ages, that one should not cause others to envy him, otherwise – he may be harmed.

How can we remain calm and secure under the envy that threatens us?

The letter combination Chet-He-Vav (ח.ה.ו) from the “72 names of God” will help eradicate the plague.
Chet He Vav Sm
Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, and the changes are manifested in your everyday life.
Keep this letter combination in your mind for a few days. It is also advised to draw this letter combination directly on the skin, on the inner side of your left wrist.

Watch a new video presenting one of the many visualization techniques with the “72 Names of God”.
The video provides a brief explanation about the sacred 72 Names, and how to inscribe them in the body and mind.
Take your time, and in short 4 minutes you will attain a magical tool that will help you become happier, fulfilled and more successful.

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The full list of the "72 Names of God" and their meanings is available for anyone interested.

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