What empowerment can the Hebrew letter Ayin (ע) give you -
and what can it teach you about yourself?

Each Hebrew letter has its unique characteristics and energetic vibration.
When we connect to the energies of the letter Ayin, we can get the empowerment and of its particular forces.
What empowerment will the letter Ayin (ע) give you?
Ayin Eng SmThe essence of the letter Ayin is wise observation of the physical world and attaining insights.
Ayin will help you sharpen your perspicacity and to develop a sharp vision inwards and outwards, to absorb people and their characters and understand what drives them.
It will contribute to enhanced intuition, ability to predict the outcomes of actions, identify opportunities and understand one thing from another.
Ayin encourages healthy judgment, practicality, thoroughness, consistency, diligence, and a sense of humor. It will help you attract material wealth, attain high spiritual light if you are humble and avoid envy, to identify with the suffering of others and to provide help based on your inner strength.

What can the letter Ayin (card#16) teach you about yourself?

When we draw a particular card from the "22 Gifts" cards, that carries a certain Hebrew letter, our choice is never accidental.
The letter that empower us fills a certain deficiency, the powers that we need most at this moment in order to overcome a challenge we are facing.
So, what is our "weakness" or difficulty? And how can we amend out attitude towards the challenge we have encountered?
What can we learn about ourselves and our situation when the letter Ayin appears in a reading?

Here it is:

The letter Ayin is intended to strengthen the ability to distinguish, and especially to open innocent eyes.

- For those who tend to always look at the external appearance of things and do not delve deeper into what is beneath the surface, the letter Ayin will help to see the inner essence.

- You may be stuck in a vague situation where you cannot examine the events and circumstances clearly and objectively and make wise decisions.

- For people whose approach to life is hesitant and insecure, the letter Ayin encourages to take responsibility in the hands and act assertively and effectively to achieve their goals.

- Are you subject to exploitation or extortion from a person or entity on which you depend? Afraid to be enslaved forever to those who satisfy your important needs? In such cases, dependence should be reduced by settling for less, and thus you can redeem yourself.

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Set Eng 849Md
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