To all those who can’t find the time for a good night sleep ...

Sometimes we find ourselves troubled and exhausted to the point that we can’t concentrate effectively to solve problems or make informed decisions. When the clutter of our lives is ever-growing, it’s just hard to see the big picture.

Even when we think we caught a clue, and creative solution is on the way - a new urgent issue suddenly erupts into the picture, and the perplexes our thoughts.

Do you remember that everything that ever happened, is happening now and will happen in the future already exists somewhere in the universe? All the knowledge, solutions and ideas are already there, and we move through them along the timeline.

To reach this sublime wisdom, we need to relax and expand our perspective. All this is made possible for us through rest, good sleep, which allows our souls to rise above the material life, and to ascend to the upper realms, to tune in and recharge. Temporary disconnection from our stressed environment is also possible through daily meditation that gives us easier access into ourselves and connects us to the bigger picture.

Massage of the week from the 72 names cards:

Card No. 6 relates to the letter combination Lamed-Lamed-He (ל.ל.ה) from the “72 Names of God”. The card tells you that solutions to your burdens will arrive soon. Harsh experiences that you were destined to face will be prevented ahead of time thanks to new insights that will appear from the upper realms during sleep, important messages will come to you through dreaming, and the future will look clearer.

** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

* Meditation and visualization with the letter combination Lamed-Lamed-He (ל.ל.ה) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will give you a means of escape from the shackles of everyday reality, free your soul so it can tune in, recharge, and get guidance through dreaming, so you can make the right moves. Lamed-Lamed-He is good for sound sleep, that allows your soul to ascend to safe and loving places during sleep, to wake up refreshed, smarter, and rejuvenated in body and spirit. 

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