A fresh breeze that will help you remember your greatest love ...

Many spiritual teachers, holistic therapists and practitioners are offering different methods for the release of past traumas to clear the space for your spiritual development. In many cases, it becomes a prolonged and demanding task that requires massive internal digging...

This marvelous spiritual teacher, offers a different approach:
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Think of it again:
"Instead of trying to embrace what happened in the past, just love the one who survived it."

According to Matt Kahn, self-love is the key to compassion and spiritual development. Self-love will increase your spiritual frequency and contribute to elevate the positive vibes in society as a whole.
Accepting yourself as you are today, with all the lessons you have learned along the way, with all the failures, difficulties and traumas experienced, will fill you with gratitude and appreciation about the wonderful path your soul had chosen for you in this in this lifetime. Thus you will connect more easily with the purpose of your soul.

Our souls choose to return to the physical plane again and again for experimentation and learning. We leave behind a place full of goodness, and as we are born, we find ourselves in a helpless human body, endure the difficulties of growth from childhood to adulthood, survive life in the family designated for us by the soul, the society we are born into, we study, develop, acquire a profession, seek love, support others and solve complex problems in daily life .

Thank yourself every day for your strength, resilience, and courage to look ahead to the future.
Honor the brave soul that you are, for the ability to be here, to overcome difficulties and grow.

Matt Kahn is one of the teachers who give me great inspiration, whom I have been following in recent months. His spiritual lessons are conveyed with love and humor, and I eagerly watch them on YouTube.

He is a mystic who is strongly connected to higher truth, travels around the world and invites seekers to discover the divine nature imbedded in them. His words are wise and his compassionate approach simply charm me.
You are welcome to meet him on his website: True Divine Nature

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