How much effort we invest to maintain what exists…
Message for the week by the “72 Names Cards”:

Most of us invest huge efforts to "hold things together", not let anything slip through our fingers. We are trying with all our strength to maintain the existing frameworks, especially when it comes to how we perceive ourselves. This constant worry occupies our minds and draws much of our energies. We are afraid of losing all the good things we had worked so hard to achieve, our relationships, the social and family structure, assets, fear of aging and loss of strength, intellectual ability and health.

During present times of rapid and radical changes, we are under the influence of new energies we did not know before, and the process is "imposed" upon us by the circumstances.

How can we cope with change and keep our sanity and peace of mind?

Do not resist change and welcome it even if you consider it a loss.
Let us remember that anything that ends in our lives, changes its shape and will return to us in a different way. What serves our purpose as individuals and society will remain, and what is not essential and slowing our progress - will evaporate. Everything that collapses now will resurrect itself and flourish in other ways that are yet unknown to us, and will promote us to higher levels of existence.
Card 54 Sm
* This message was given by card # 54 of the “72 Names Cards” that relates to the letter combination Nun-Yod-Tav (נ.י.ת) of the “72 Names of God”.

** Meditating, visualizing and inscribing the letter combination in the body, mind and spirit, will empower you against the termination of good things in your life, will help heal the rifts, and bring upon the realization that the spirit is immortal, and what is real and substantial and serves your soul purpose, will remain forever in your life.

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