When anguish and heartache attack you…
Message for the week by 72 Names cards:

How much heartache do we carry with us because of events of the past, and how much do they affect our behavior in the present?

Harsh words that were hurled at us or we threw at others, cynicism, sarcastic criticism, venomouscommentaries, insults, disagreements with the closest people – We drag all these murky deposits with us over time, as we continue to chew the toxic mass without being aware of what it actually does to us. It is difficult for us to forgive others or ourselves, and we can’t come to terms with the circumstances that led us to behave the way we did. We judge what happened sternly, and this judgment, is the factor that preserves our agony and gives it power.

What will happen if we release this judgment?

If we accept what has happened as an important opportunity for growth and learning lessons, we can recruit the power of reconciliation and forgiveness, and create an open and healthy communication with others, providing praise and encouragement. We can then give ourselves and others a new chance to amend. Looking back forgivingly, and accepting instead of rejecting the past events, will purify the burden of the heart.

We were all incarnated into a human body in order to experience life in the material world. Our personal experience here involves various frictions and experimentations that we take together with our partners on the journey, who are also souls that visit here for the same purpose. Above the physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and desires, there is an eternal and whole essence that is not affected by any dispute or quarrel, and cannot be offended or resentful - this is our soul. The other souls involved in the dramas of our lives cannot be essentially harmed as well.

If we remember this during distress, we can perceive any "unfortunate" event with the right perspective and take things more easily.
card 72 Sm
* This message was given by card Number 72 of the “72 Names Cards” that relate to the letter combination Mem-Vav-Mem (מ.ו.ם) of the “72 Names of God”.

** Visualizing the name מ.ו.םand inscribing it in the body and mind will help to clear sediment and induce spiritual cleansing, amend errors of the past and help you learn from mistakes, cultivate honesty and reassurance to others, take things easy and avoid cynicism, grief, and heartache.

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