What would you gain by “losing”?
Message for the week by 72 Names cards:

What really happens to you when you insist, do anything to win an argument, struggle to maintain supremacy, ruling out the ideas of others (or even try to obstruct them)?
The part in us that fears losing is the ego, who is always dreadful of reducing its strength and feeling inferior and defeated.

Tenacity - sometimes it's good and leads us to endurance, success and realization, but in many cases, it blinds us and blocks new possibilities that could help our progress and bring positive energies into our lives.

When we are entrenched in our positions and not willing to listen to anyone, we actually trap ourselves in one place and do not allow new energies to flow through us.

Flexibility is not an admission of failure, but indicates openness and inner strength. This does not mean that you have to cancel your belief system, what you really think or feel, but it leaves a small opening for the entry of oxygen that always helps combustion and put energy into the system.

When you put our ego aside and drop your belligerent approach, you actually allow free flow of the life force. This way, you feel more relaxed, more balanced, do not have to prove anything to anyone, and in fact - more powerful.
Doing so, you open the door for good surprises to come to you in unexpected ways: gestures of good will, appreciation for your actions, social popularity, new friends, gifts, prizes and bonuses.

worth trying?
Card 34
* The message was given by card No. 34 of the "72 Names Cards" that relates to the letter combination Lamed-He-Chet (ל.ה.ח) of the 72 Names of God”.

** Visualizing the name  ל.ה.ח and inscribing it in your body and mind will help you put your ego aside, drop your weapons and your stubbornness, adhere to positive life energy and transcend limitations.

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