What does “energetic trash” do to you, what to do about it?
Message for the week by the 72 Names Cards:

Are there unfinished and burdensome debts in your life?
Did shadows appear between you and a close person that cause murky atmosphere?
Old resentments to which you return again and again?
Bad habits that burden your everyday conduct?
Did someone visit your home and left a trail of harsh energy behind him?

All these and more create a load of energetic trash. The main problem with energetic trash, is, that it occupies valuable space.
Being confined in the material world, each of us has a certain mental/emotional capacity. Sort of real estate space available to us where we can store everything that we are capable to contain. Compressing heavy loads continuously into this limited space might cause us to collapse.

What can be done about it? Remove the garbage.

A single lit candle in a dark room can eliminates the darkness. In many cases, it is enough to take a few steps and simple actions to dispose the unnecessary clutter. Even the removal of a small debt with your local grocer can make room for a new flow of abundance into your life: you just make space for it. Be aware and distance yourself from harmful people who weaken you, make a phone call and apologize to a person you've wronged, or pardon someone who harmed you, practice openness and honesty in your relationships, all those small actions will clean your inner estates, and create a clean and purified space for new beginnings and new opportunities.
Card 11
* This message was given by card No.11 of the “72 Names Cards” that relate to the letter combination Lamed-Aleph-Vav (ל.א.ו).
Meditating, visualizing and inscribing ל.א.ו in your body and mind will help you clear negative energies and enter into a purified and protected cycle.

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