What difference does it make if you love and accept yourself – or not?
Message for the week by the 72 names cards:

Have you noticed how you feel after watching the news lately?

When politicians skirmish each other, slurs and offensive expressions are flying in the air, verbal belligerence and militancy become acts of routine, and shaming on the web is a hot trend, we feel as if we encountered a battlefield and honestly, we cannot do anything about all that is happening around us ...

Do we really have no control over the situation?

Let us remember that every situation we encounter in our lives reflects something in our internal self as individuals and as a society:
combative and hostile environment is a result of internal unrest, self-aggression and crushing self-criticism. Even if we yielded to social rules and learned to control and suppress anger and aggression, they are still reflected outwards and generate a negative and disturbing collective energy.

Each of us is a small grain of sand in the great pile of human society, and the energetic frequency radiating from each one of us has an impact on the whole.
To create change on the social and global level, we must first create internal change - every one for himself: To cultivate self-acceptance, peace and tolerance within us, to be compassionate and loving towards ourselves, to bring people together and relieve interpersonal tensions.
Can any human society maintain conflict and aggression when each one of its elements is whole and peaceful?
When each of us will radiate true self-acceptance and tranquility, the whole environment will be purified: the hostility, battles and tensions will disappear, and peaceful, tolerant energy will reverberate on to the entire world.
card 47 Sm
* This message was given by card No. 47 relating to the letter combination Ayin-Shin-Lamed (ע.ש.ל) of the “72 Names of God”.

Meditating with Ayin.Shin.Lamed (ע.ש.ל) and inscribing it in your body and mind, will help to bring Global change through internal change – This name will help to accelerate your personal transformation, inspire peace, tranquility, and reduce stress and tension. It will maintain good relationships, self-acceptance, and unconditional love. ע.ש.ל helps to end wars and struggles on a personal and global levels. World peace is a result of the internal transformation that was made by each individual.

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