What’s between freedom and imprisonment?
Message for the week from the “72 Names cards”:

During this period, many of us go through a narrow and restrictive strait,

pressed by the surroundings, and it seems as if our circumstances are dictated to us from outside. We feel that the expectations of us in many aspects of life, family, social or professional, are exaggerated, and even frightening.

Sometimes we take responsibility for the inability of our peers to manage their own affairs. Fear of disappointing the people around us may cause us to feel trapped and worn out.

We feel enslaved by circumstance and necessity, and this burden provokes the urge to flee or disappear, take a vacation from life and hide on a lone island.

Trapped feelings may also arise because of limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, that we can’t, unworthy, or not good enough, so we will never achieve what we want.

The experience of imprisonment is a point of view. It all starts inside us, because this is the place where we create our own reality.

After all, we have the right of free choice between captivity and freedom.

Look inside and listen to the voice of your soul: freedom lies inside, as well as limitation.

What would you choose?

You can set yourself free without escaping anywhere, by changing internal and external attitude. You will be free when you remove yourself from the belief that you are trapped, and approach the belief that everything is open, and you are not restricted by yourself or others. Allow yourself the space to be, and the personal freedom you need to thrive. Manage yourself by your own terms, and return the responsibility for expectations and demands back to others. Decide and act the way that feels right for you, without holding yourself accountable or apologetic.

When we allow ourselves some breathing room, new oxygen will enter the system, and more energy is pumped to all our actions. New opportunities that we could not see from the narrow locks that held us before, are suddenly popping up to our awareness, and we have the strength and desire to grab them, move forward and fulfill ourselves.
Card 60 * This message was given by a card No. 60, which relates to the letter combination Mem.Tzadi.Resh (מ.צ.ר) – one of the 72 names of God.

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