How you can come out of confusion and realign yourself:
Advanced work with the "72 Names of God"

dear friends -

This time I want to share my personal experience with you...

Even people like me, who live in awareness and learn Kabbalah on a daily basis, can sometimes lose it.
Something is changing in the air, and probably, my sensitive antennas felt it. All this chaos happened because my brain was working overtime, and the wheels were spinning at a frantic pace, lots of contradicting thoughts overwhelmed me, memories of past failures raised my anxiety and brought up old frustrations. I felt fear of moving forward, not knowing which direction to take, things which I hoped that were already resolved came back and proved to me that there is still a lot of work to do, and besides, I have a tribe of little people around me that I should pay attention to…  

In short - this confusion just stopped and paralyzed me ... I could not move in either direction, and frustration was building up. (Did it ever happen to you?...)

This is the way of life - even the mundane small problems can accumulate together to a huge mass of "noise" that evoke confusion and chaos ...

I am sure I am not alone in this story.

I was looking for a letter combination from the “72 names of God” that could help me rearrange myself again - and I found one!  

The letter combination Yod-Bet-Mem (י.ב.מ) doing an amazing job on me.
For a few days now I'm going to sleep with it and getting up with it in the morning, visualizing it in vulnerable points throughout the day.

י ב מ
What happens in the meantime, is a huge improvement in my mood, better ability to focus on what is right for me to do, and especially – a feeling of peace of mind. This allows me to continue my work which is so important to me and just enjoy the process. And the week is not over yet ...

The letter combination Yod-Bet-Mem (י.ב.מ) helps to find the order behind the chaos. It will help you to sort out the mess, overcome the feeling of panic and depression, to focus better, to see things in a broader view and achieve full acceptance of the situation. Yod-Bet-Mem   will help you understand the Divine plan that leads you to fulfill your destiny, the causes of the problems you are facing, and thereby you can attain peace, stability and spiritual growth.

meditate with it every day for a week. I promise that you’ll see results!

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