Personality Analysis According to Your Name
Discover yourself from a new perspective:
- Learn about your special virtues,
- your destiny and personal amendment,
- your potential,
- your hidden traits,
- the way you approach life,
- your emotional world,
- what drives you, or pushes your buttons,
- what you expect from relationships,
- and how you are perceived in society.

How is your name analyzed according to the secrets of the Hebrew letters?

First – your name is translated to Hebrew and written in Hebrew words.

Hebrew is written from right to left, so the first letter in your name will be on the right, and all the other letters follow.

For example:

If your name is Valerie – it is written in Hebrew as ולרי
The first letter is Vav (ו)
The second letter is Lamed (ל)
The third letter is Resh (ר)
The fourth letter is Yod (י

Here is the meaning of each letter in your name according to its location:

The first letter: Represents the essence of the soul, the intelligence, the amendment and destiny
The second letter: Represents the mental and emotional aspect, preferences, inclinations, etc.
The third letter: Your expression in the material world – desires, health, reactions, sexuality, anger and negative tendencies – whatever drives you.
The fourth letter: Represents the way of action in the world, and the social attitude

Additional letters add more layers to your personal story, and the way you actually realize yourselves in the world.

Your personal amendment:

Are usually determined by the first letter of your name that represents your essence.
Each of the Hebrew letters has a lesson to teach us, which is inscribed in the vibration and energies it represents. The first letter in our name represents the amendment work we need to do throughout our lives.

Your life purpose and mission:
This is an opportunity for you to stop and look more deeply into your life.
Did you follow the mission that was intended for you, or did you abstain from it?
We were all designed to achieve the best for ourselves, but many of us find it difficult to connect to their mission and purpose of life and follow the right path for them. Many people do not realize, until the last stages of their lives, what their soul wants, and what is behind all the difficulty of earthly life.
Walking in the right direction toward your personal destiny, and synchronizing with the commandment of the soul, will bring you happiness,satisfaction and success. 
Your number of purpose and mission will show you what you are supposed to accomplish in your life, and what you must avoid in order to prevent failure and suffering along the way.
This is the energetic pattern within which you must act to fulfill yourself. It represents the energies available to you in this lifetime, the force that pushes you into a certain lifestyle, or a choice of profession or career, in order for the intent of your soul will be fulfilled.

Logo Faces Banner SmWhat can your first name tell about you?
Who are you really? ...
What created you, according to Kabbalah, is a wonderful energetic pattern with infinite potential:

Same way that everything that was created in the world was formed by the vibrational qualities of the Hebrew letters, every organ of your body, every characteristic trait, emotion, thought, will, and action, is represented by a certain constellation of letters, and is based on their energetic vibrations, just like a DNA code.
Each one of us is a wonderful compound of energetic vibrations emanating from the level of the soul, and realizes in the material world.
Our personal name that is composed of letters, also hints on the spiritual form embodied in us and our destiny in this world.

When we are born, our parents choose the name that will accompany us throughout our lives. In their subconscious, our they already know our true essence, temperament, character, emotional structure, and thus "find" the appropriate name for us.
And what if the soul of the pre-born fetus is the one who communicates with the parents and reveals to them the story behind its essence and purpose in life, and directs them in finding the name?
This is also a possibility to be considered.

Great importance is given to the location of each letter in your first name, especially the first letter, which defines it and represents the essence of the name, and the connection of the soul to the physical world, the type of intelligence and the strength of personality. All subsequent letters symbolize the emotional, mental, subconscious and social levels of your being.

In general, the middle letters tell us about the content of our lives, the interaction between our true essence and our expression in the earthly world.

"Good" character or "bad" character?
Each of the letters has "positive" aspects, when their energy is balanced and flowing unimpeded in your life, as well as "negative" aspects, when their flow is blocked or imbalanced. Since we have come to this world to realize ourselves to the fullest potential, and since life is dynamic, and we are interchangeably drifting into imbalances, we have to make continuous corrections to return to the ideal frequency that the first letter in our name represents, thus aligning with the destiny that the soul has set for us.
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Checking a relationship compatibility by comparison:
Knowing the roles of the letters according to their location in the name, gives a huge advantage:
With this knowledge, we can determine the compatibility between spouses, partners, friends, etc. We compare the character traits at the various levels: the essential, the mental, the emotional, the temperamental and the sexual, anger, the "negative" qualities of character, social behavior, and modus operandi in the world, and learn how two people get along at each level. The element that represents each letter (air, fire, water, earth) can hint at the expected dynamics between two people, and what motivates it.

A partial picture:
Your essence, character and purpose in life as were determined by the letters in your name define you quite accurately, but in order to get the complete picture, there are other advanced analyzes that should be done by adding your surname, by exploring the ascending or descending energy in the name, punctuation, and looking into the elements. It is also recommended to perform a numerological analysis, to calculate your day and location of birth, and make an astrological map by an expert.
People In ColorsThis is also one of the reasons why two people named Abraham, for example, would not have identical personality: the additional data with which they came into the world, the date and place of birth, the family and the environment in which they grew up change the picture of their lives and separate them from any other person named Abraham.

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