The Kabbalistic Guidance and Divination System
Inspired by “The 72 Names”, is a wonderful method of connecting to your inner wisdom whenever you seek guidance and want to predict outcomes. Using this system is similar to giving tarot readings to yourself, or getting an advanced free online counseling without having to turn for the help of a psychic intuitive.

In times of confusion you can look at the tablet of letter combinations, and choose one name intuitively to receive the answers to your question.
You can return to this progressive divination tool time and again and give yourself a free online counseling session.
You can sk questions about money, livelihood, relationship, health career and more.
The system will give you pertinent answers regarding significant issues that you wish to clarify; therefore, do not try to “test your luck”, and refrain from asking indefinite questions for the fun of it. Serious and sincere questions will be answered; nonsense will not get you anywhere.

It is important to know that you already have all the answers you will ever need in order to solve your problems. The guidance system will help you connect with the source of your internal wisdom. Therefore, It is recommended to say the verse: “Let the eternal wisdom guide me” before you phrase your question. Then, contemplate the issue you would like to clarify and choose one name intuitively. A window containing your answer will open separately. Read the answer and you will get a perspective over your present situation, advice and a possible outcome.

Click on a letter combination and get an answer to your question
DivinationImageMap Yod Lamed Yod Ayin Lamed Mem Mem He Shin Caf He Tav He Zayin Yod Alef Lamed Dalet He He Ayin Yod Zayin Lamed He Resh Yod He Kof Mem Lamed Alef Vav Caf Lamed Yod Pe He Lamed Yod Yod Yod Mem Lamed He He Alef Alef Yod Resh Tav Shin Alef He Alef Vav Mem Lamed Kaf Bet Yod Chet Vav Lamed He Chet Mem Nun Dalet Chet Ayin Mem Yod Yod Zayin He He He Mem Yod Caf Yod Lamed He Samech Alef Lamed Ayin Resh Yod Ayin Shin Lamed Mem Yod He Vav He Vav Ayin Mem Mem Mem Bet He Mem Tsadi Resh Yod He He Ayin Nun Vav Mem Chet Yod Mem Nun Kof Chet Bet Vav Yod Bet Mem
Every answer is followed by an explanation of what letter combination you need in order to help yourself at a certain moment. 
The "72 Names of God" are a direct connection to the eternal spiritual abundance that nourishes the soul. Connecting to the source of spiritual power provides us with protection from danger and negative energies, and removes the barriers that separate us from the complete fulfillment of happiness. Utilizing these sacred letter combinations in everyday life opens the door to spiritual transformation and gives us the tools needed to participate in the fulfillment of the cosmic plan.
According to the Kabbalah, 72 different Hebrew letter combinations form sacred names that relate to the divine. Each name provides blessings and success in a certain area of life.
Meditating on the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them into our minds will fill us with positive energies and bring light and joy to our lives. These sacred Kabbalah names are channels given to mankind to connect with Supreme forces and transform any aspect of life to the better. The 72 Names of God can be utilized in powerful Kabbalah meditation methods.

The full list of the 72 Names of God and their interpretations for for meditation and spiritual growth – is available for anyone interested.
Go to: where you can instant download the full list.

What people say about the Kabbalistic Guidance and Divination System: 

… “I have tried your system as requested and have to say there was a definite sense of my question being answered. Congratulations and good luck with this fresh idea.” “You offer some very encouraging and sensitive words of wisdom and they are very clear. Thank you for sharing…”

“I just checked out the Kabbalah system and clicked on a few letters. The answers came forth straight away... ...I like that…”

 "... Wow this work is dynamite!!! ..."

"... I got an answer for my question, which was great in the spiritual sense..."

“…I did go to your new creation and did a brief 'test', focusing on a question and got a response which initially puzzled me... Initial response: Outstanding. Unique. Helpful. Fantastic job of sharing your wisdom…” 

“…I tried a question on your 72 names of God and my questioned was answered brilliantly! It gave much more information than I expected that applied directly to my situation. I love it!!!! I will be using it in the future. Really cool! Thanks!”


Tavla Orig 72Names
The mystical Kabbalah introduces us to many universal secrets, among them, 72 sets of three Hebrew letter combinations – the “72 Names of God”. 
These letter combinations constitute a direct connection between the spiritual and physical realms. Each one of them opens a vessel that connects you to the eternal spiritual abundance.

Powerful tools for guidance and prediction:

SetImage Eng The Alphabet for Lovers
for guidance and profecy about love and relationships

Set Eng Sm12The King Solomon Cards - direct, straightforward answers to your life questions

Set 1911The Tokens of Light - 66 Paths for insights and prediction according to the Hebrew Alphabet

The "72 Names" letter combinations are available as artistic Kabbalah amulets that you can hang at your home or office.

Please visit the Kabbalsitic Wall amulets page on this website.